Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

My last name is Irish (but like for most African Americans that's just a slave owner's last name)
My grandmother's birthday is March 17th.
I drink socially.

Doesn't quite give me reason to fully feel a connection to St. Patrick's Day. (St. Patrick introduced Christianity to the Irish.. how does that translate to drinking and feasting??)

I love the color green and if that's a reason to get a drink then so be it! Alas, I didn't. I did get my latest mani in green though, using my latest green obsession: OPI's Jade is the New Black. Hehe, I wanted a Blackberry Bling manicure, too! (Yes, the polish has given the manicure style a whole new name.)

(no flash)


Polishes used: N.Y.C. Starry Silver Glitter, NYX Blue Ave. and OPI's Jade is the New Black
Blue Ave. is a gorgeous acqua/purple iridescent flakey glitter in a jelly base. Boo, my jelly is way too thick!

Starry Silver glitter 105A is a semi-dense, small, silver glitter with a bluish and multi-colored small hexagon glitter.

On my thumbs I put 2 coats of Starry Silver Glitter and I fished out as many flakes from the NYX as I possibly could, concentrating the flakes on my tips.
(I promise I'll use cuticle oil next time!)


Amina said...

I loove those nail polishes!!

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

pretty!! Happy St Pattys Day!

tina´s corner said...

Happy St Patty´s to you too:) Well, that was yesterday actually but Happy today too, lol. Your blog is so nice, and gives a lot of inspiration. I love it! You´re so cute too. But I wonder: I would want to follow this blog on facebook. You´re not on there with this blog, are you?

sanjeet said...
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sanjeet said...
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arTIAstry :: Makeup Artistry by TIA said...

Green is my favorite! I will add Jade to my list of "things to buy".


jilliandanica said...

that jade is gorgeous! it's so hard to find now!

yummy411 said...

@ sara and amina: thanks! happy st. patty's day!

@ tina's corner: i had a page of some sort set up. i have no idea what happened to the widget! i'll work on restoring it.

@ tia: since you are a green lover, it's def a must have!

@ jilliandanica: yeh, it's become super popular!