Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Curls with Loc Loops

I was gifted some Lock Loops * and other goodies from Muthasfynest after she cut off her locs....(Don't gasp. I've accepted that some people just need a change after being with a style for so long). My sister maintains my locs, so she felt at liberty to try the Loc Loops on herself first. Gorgeous curls right! Look at how she colors her locs.. she dyes them every 3 months or so! I need to be more daring.

My turn!
All rolled up!

The next day I wasn't completely dry so I wore them tightly coiled. Now I see how people get their hair this way! LOL!

All dry and plucked out:

*Site linked as a reference. I don't know where she ordered hers from.

Now that I've tried my first style, I'm ready for more. What are some other DIY styles that you love?


Seymone said...

Kia, your hair looks amazing... I cannot wait to get my locks. I think in another month my hair should be long enough for starter locks.

B said...

Gorgeous! I've used these several times but they don't give me as tight as a curl as perm rod rollers. I curl my hair at least twice a month. They are a good protective style for locs too. Try pipe cleaner curls next!

Bsquared86 said...

Both of your ladies are gorgeous! I love the look! I love curly loc styles!

MakeupByRenRen said...

gorgeous honey!

MochaMakeupLover said...

Gorgeous locs!

Tysh said...

It looks great on you.

Tysh said...

It looks great on you.

...ALLmEYEne... said...

Wow...that looks really good. I don't have locs just a free form natural but I love reading about locs and watching loc videos. I was watching chescaleigh (well her hair channel on YT is chescalocs) and she did a beautiful look with craftstore pipe cleaners. I'll find the video and link it here later if you want (not YT access at work)...corporate america :-(
Oh and I really want to color my hair too, but I can't decide.

Anonymous said...

I had no doubt that you would look beautiful, and see WAWLAH! Did I spell that right?


Unknown said...

Your hair is pretty. I also love your eyemakeup. You have beautiful eyes. i'm sure you've heard that before.


Makeup by Kim Porter

Unknown said...

Your hair looks amazing! One of my professors has locks and she did this style. In the last picture, you looked like Dr. Bailey in Grey's Anatomy.

Milan said...

Looks lovely!

Stylin' & Profilin' said...

This style looks really good on you! I see someone is experimenting for spring ;-)

Dwana said...

They are DIVINE!!! Wow, Diva. I really like them. Were they easy to apply?

yummy411 said...

@ seymone: i started my hair with little stub gel twists! yay for starting locs!

@ b: thanks! muthasfynest gave me perm rods too! i think i'll try those next since i already have them ;) i guess the big deal with lock loops is the comfort of them.
(sleep in it)

@ bsquared, renren, mochamakeuplover, tysh: thank you ladies so much! i'm enjoying the new style!

@ allmeyene: thanks! b (clumpsofmascara) has been talking about the pipe cleaning method a lot. i'll prob give it a shot soon!

@ mutha: gracias babez! hehe voila!

@ kim porter: thank you!

@dao: thank you!!

@ milan: thank you!

@ styling profilinL A, you know it! new beginnings, new hair styles!

@ dwana: thank you!! they were easy enough if you already know how to use the rods. same concept. for me it was about drying.. my hair held on to that water so much!

Shana Janelle said...

yes Kia! WORK! I love this look and yes your sisters color is really nice!

Fullerton Self Storage said...

Thanks so much for this review! I was going to purchase the Soft Spikes curlers, but I will definitely consider the Lock Loops as well. I did find that the soft spikes curlers were easy to slip out when wet setting a friend's long locks who had already purchased the Soft Spikes curlers. I literally had to anchor some of the soft spikes curlers with a ponytail holder to make sure they did not come loose.