Friday, January 29, 2010

Peacock Glitter Liner Pencil

I got MAC's glitter liner set a couple of holidays collections ago. I wasn't as into them as I thought I was then... Now? It's all love, especially Peacock glitter liner. A nice subdued turquoise with sky blue sparkles or a lighter turquoise sparkle... eeh doesn't matter. I love this liner! I did a look with it recently, but it was my predictable, soft smoked eye with this liner, lining the bottom lid.

Do you have this? Any of the glitter liners? What do you think of them?


Reina said...

Le sigh, this post is pointless without pic... I kid I kid! I do want to see a pic of how you used it though ma'am!

yummy411 said...

ok, i thought i'd spare yall the same ole look.... but you asked!

Maddie said...

Hi Yummy, love the green peacock! I have my glitter softsparkle pencil violet (Iris Accents) by MAC and I really love it in the smoked eye makeup. I had also the white one but it's gone! The texture was so creamy, so I used it as a primer and it's glitter was perfect for dark colors makeup applied on it. Nice to be back at yummy!kisses Maddie