Friday, January 29, 2010

Have a great weekend!

So I spent about 30 minutes or more at the mall picking out a new nose ring... Small, flat, round or square, silver setting or gold, comparing them, bone (barbell) or hooked bottom, skinny or thick gauge.... Yeh and the chosen one looks just like the one I already had in my nose!

AnywayzZ, just wanted to say I love y'all and have an awesome weekend!

P.s. I'm loving Guess by Marciano fragrance. It's (an oldie, but goody)warm and delish. This one will have the guys drooling!
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Atiyah said...

I want a nose ring but I am worried how bad it will hurt LOL.

Alycia's Hot Spot! said...

Have a great weekend also!

Recessionista! said...

I looove your golden-hazel eyes, girlie! Have a great weekend too! xo

Anonymous said...

Cute nose ring! Your not alone though, I think we all end up buying the same styles/colors over and over again...such is life.

Have to agree with Recessionista, you do have amazing eyes! Sure people tell you that all the of my sons has the same color eyes and people (aka strangers)
are always stopping him.

yummy411 said...

@ atiyah: i don't know where i got the balls from to do it. i just did it. i think now i'd be more hesitant. honestly, it didn't really hurt. i closed my eyes and took a deep breath (after seeing a 4 foot needle or something crazy!) and it was done. it felt like someone had scratched the surface of my nose..not a slight baby scratch, but not a deep "oh God I'm bleeding" scratch either.

@ alycia: thanks alycia!

@ recessionista: thanks doll!

@ mocha mish mash: yup! i agree. i know i'm not a big fan of anything else so lol... i wanted a smaller nose ring, but the jewels in those aren't secure and i don't like the backing.

Thanks! i didn't know you had a son! awww! got the ladies on him already!

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

so cute! perfect selection!!

Distinque said...

The nose ring looks great on you. love the brows!