Thursday, July 02, 2009

Tips for Looking Awake and Refreshed!
How to Look Awake and Refreshed -- Every Morning

Puffy eyes, dark circles and dull skin are no match for these skin care and makeup tricks

How to Look Awake and Refreshed -- Every Morning

Late nights and early mornings are inevitable, so for times when sleep isn't an option, use these expert tips to help you look awake and refreshed. You'll have everyone fooled into thinking you got your required eight hours.

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sofia said...

Great advises, it's good to be reminded sometimes, and to see different alternatives of doing the same thing :D

Amanda Allison said...

I'm gonna need to use some of these tips in just a few hours! Thanks.

yummy411 said...

@ sofia: i agree!

@ amanda allison: ahha! let me know which tip worked the best for you.