Thursday, June 11, 2009

5 Tips with Eve Pearl Makeup and ThisThat Beauty's Felicia

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I was so excited when I was over at ThisThat Beauty and saw Felicia's special feature!! I'm a big Eve Pearl fan so this was more than a treat to see these gals in the video on the NBC's Today Show!! Like many 'beauty segments' on tv these segments are usually about 30 seconds long! Long enough for a quick tip, but not long enough for what the segment claims to accomplish. You may say, "That was so quick, I'm not sure if I remembered what she said or can do what she did!"

For this segment with Eve Pearl, it was about Makeup 101: Eyes and "mistakes that many women make". While Eve gave some great tips, here's a break down of what Eve probably would have told you if she actually had more time.

1. Great makeup is not a rushed job (though it doesn't have to take forever either). These were simple soft looks, but sometimes even getting to things like "blending the crease" and "a dramatic color in the v" takes more than 5 seconds especially on TWO eyes and before foundation.

2. The blending tip at approx. 2:43 'cleaning it up with a light color' is a superb tip. This won't always be your highlight color (unless you don't have a lot of space between your crease and brow), but it will be what some of us call a transitional color or a color to simply help blend the crease. You don't want harsh lines or a 'race track' in your crease. Use a color very close to your skin tone or a touch darker for dimension. My favorite color for this purpose is MAC's Soft Brown eye shadow (for my complexion). Not always necessary, but for it gives a bit more dimension on a simple look.

3. For #2 above, use a soft fluffly brush to ease blending (ex. MAC's #224 or #217).

4. Putting the more dramatic (richer or darker) color in your 'v'- the color will be dramatic depending on your brush. You can use a dense small brush to place the color and blend out a bit, or you can apply the color with a small fluffy brush that will apply the color lightly.

5. Hey! Her lining tip was my lining tip! Do you remember this post on eyeliner help?

3. Some of you may say, "Those are her tips on focusing on eyes?" In the online beauty world, many of us are used to YouTube and the artists' dramatic looks there. Eve Pearl's tips were more general for the average woman wanting a clean and polished eye. However, a simple eye like Eve created can look just as hot (as other more dramatic looks) with the help of flawless skin and complimentary tones on the face (blush and lips)! Oh and don't forget the drama that is adding faux lashes! Falsies take any look from great to FAB!

5. Lastly, the tip "putting too much on, you can take it off was a tip Eve gave lead by one of the anchors. Not the best tip, but it is possible. You would rather add little by little to build intensity, but in the event you add too much in the crease (since the segment is about eyes) use a clean brush like MAC's #217 and the brush will absorb and almost 'erase' some color. Go in and clean up with your lighter shade or blending shade (as mentioned in tip #2).


Askmewhats said...

I love Eve Pearl too, I've seen her works and I wish they sell Eve pearl down here, I mean not through shipping internationally, but really have distributors selling them :)

B said...

Eve Pearl rocks! And she is mad cool in person too! is my girl Felicia.

MakeupByRenRen said...

love eve! too bad the video was so short :( would have loved a whole 10 minutes!

yummy411 said...

@ askmewhats: nikki, yeh it sucks that she doesn't sell over there. i hope she expands soon!

@ b: i agree 100 percent!

@ makeupbyrenren: i know!!! news shows always rush the makeup/beauty segments!

Felicia/ ThisThatBeauty said...

I love the post Ms Yummy! Such great detail. Eve is really amazing! Hey you too mama :)