Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Makeup Show NYC 2009 Quick Recap

I went. I saw. I conquered... The Makeup Show NYC 2009.

You all know what The Makeup Show NYC 2009 was all about right? You don't? You don't read my blog? Okay, okay, catch up here.

So I had the wonderful opportunity to attend. As a first time attendee, here's what I observed, learned and some of my thoughts in a quick recap (that will be expounded upon in the days to come!):
  • Awesomeness= Michael Devellis and James Vincent
  • First time attending? Don't short yourself going one day; get the total package with 2 days! There's shopping, classes, seminars, meet and greets, photo ops, shopping and more shopping.
  • Prepare with enough space to pack your goodies.
  • Wear comfortable shoes despite the chic world of makeup.
  • Disappointed with MAC Pro's set up
  • Makeup Forever was an experience
  • Sad that Cinema Secrets nor RMCA were a part of the show.
  • Little to no discounts from Graphtobian and Mehron
  • The Makeup Show is an internet celebrity fest
  • Awesome MUA's at the CoverFX and Face Atelier booths!
  • The most flawless foundation was found at the Face Atelier booth!
  • Eat your heart out with Crown Brushes
  • Early bird gets the worm, but the late trollers may get bonus suprises.
  • I want nail brands to be part of the next show!
More to come!


Connie De Alwis said...

looking forward to more! Boo Mehron for not having discounts >.<

XOXO Reddiboo said...

I definetly have to be at the next one...that's like a kid in a candy store!

Erin said...

THAT'S who was missing...RMCA!!!

And yes, I would have also liked to see China Club, Essie, OPI, and other nail companies there, too!

Tammy said...

Hmm...The Balm people were RUDE!!! The Becca people were never there when I walked by..lol

BUT...Stila, Crown Brushes, Auraline, & Kissable Couture people were awesome!!

Miss Yaya said...

i def hear ya on almost all of those points

you have to plan for at least 3 days so you can party hardy.. def come with less things than you need, b/c you will be leaving with a million more.. mac def was there as... just being there... and very much agreed on the internet celeb fest - i met marlena!

KissyFace Artistry said...

I'm looking forward to see what you've got to say. Everyone kept raving about it all over Twitter, and blogs... Ugh! Wish I was there but nonetheless, I'll live vicariously through you and the other bloggers. :-)

Tysh said...

You are so right with Graftobian, they was not giving any type of discount, I ended up getting the foundation palette at Makeup Mania for $57.00. I wanted the powder palette but I didn't want to spend $70.00 being cheap, LOL. I wish I was there on Sunday. MAC was a damn mess, I didn't even bother I just said hi to the MUA that I knew and kept it moving.

Avartsy said...

gosh, I'm so jealous, wish I cld've made it to NY! sooooo what'd u get!!!

Shana said...

*biting nails in anticipation* HURRY!!!! LOL I am like a fiend over here waiting for these recaps from you ladies. It seems like it was so much different from the LA show.

Ugochi said...

aw, i wish i could have made it! :(

Amina said...

i wish i made it!! Please share more details with us :)

Product Junkie Diva said...

HEy Yummy
Wow MAC display....sigh.
I agree with Tammy some vendors were rude but i loved the people at Kissable Couture, Stila and Naked.
LOVED the show...will be back next year.

Amy said...

I was disappointed with MAC Pro, too! I couldn't believe they didn't have palettes or eyeshadows available! MUFE was definitely an experience, girl...totally agree! Their stuff is so amazing...unfortunately their space wasn't great at accomodating the large crowd!

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia Spain
thank you

Marsha (BrownFace) said...

It was so freaking nice to meet you!!!! You are such a sweetheart and GORGEOUS!!!!!

Milan Angel said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I went to The Makeup Show LA for the first time this year and had a ball. I look forward to your full review and I'm wondering what the deal was with the MAC Pro set up. Why were you disappointed? ;-)

Phyllis said...

Sounds like it was sooooo much fun.

Vanessa M. said...

how fun :)

My Fashion Frenzy said...


yummy411 said...

to everyone: more coming up soon. i'm connected back to the net with a up to par comp.. blogging here i come! thanks for your comments and hanging in there with me guys! love you all!!!