Sunday, May 03, 2009

Drugstore Paparazzi 5-02-2009: Jane AguaCeuticals Blush Stix, Wet N Wild Speed Gloss

Rite Aid Drugstore usually keeps me up to date on new releases from lines like N.Y.C., Jane, Jesse Girl Cosmetics and more.  It was no surprise when I visited the store and found these two new releases from Jane and Wet N Wild.

Jane. (Be Pure)AguaCeuticals BlushStix and AguaGlow Bronzer.  As you can see it retails for $6.49.  The BlushStixs come in two colors, Peach and Bronze. There are two Bronzers bricked/mosaics.  I didn't check those out too closely, but I did get a BlushStix.  The packaging is made from recycled materials.. how cool?! I like that cosmetic companies are going green!

I love stick blushes, creme blushes and cheeks stains.  Can't wait to give these babies a whirl! 

Wet N Wild Speed Gloss collection has quite a variety of colors as you can see.  They retail for about $3.99.  I  picked up two of these babies back in February.  I guess the product is slowly making its way into the store (or should I say getting stocked!?)

I've test driven these for a while now, so I'll have a review up soon!


B said...

Look at Jane gettin' all chic 'n stuff. Tres cute! And I haven't seen those Wet N Wild lippies. The packaging kinda rocks!

Askmewhats said...

so many cool stuffs!!!

randigirl said...

so many cool and interesting stuff, need more information

Gaby said...

I'm sceptic about these Speed Gloss. We already have them in Canada.

Connie De Alwis said...

The stick stuff looks cute! I wonder how well it'll work :-/

Mia said...

can't wait to read the wet n wild review.