Monday, May 04, 2009

Amina's 90's Girl Group Challenge

What a trip down memory lane! Thanks Amina for hosting the challenge!The nostalgia is sickening, LOL! I love it! There were so many girl groups out at this time, but the groups that I am highlighting are the ones that I identified with the most and more importantly, when I began to notice makeup on artists!

Destiny's Child

Really, I didn't notice Beyonce until people made all the hoopla over her always being the lead singer and in the center of every appearance. I was most interested in Latavia's style. Her curly red hair just blew me away. I wanted hair like that!

With SWV, it wasn't about the makeup.. the songs were just iconic in the 90's. The hits will always be classic, electrifying the airwaves. I noticed makeup on Coko when she debuted her solo album.. the first time I had ever noticed tinted/bleached brows.. fierce!

"No Doubt" and "Where My Girls At" were their most popular records released in the 90's. This particular song was on the Good Burger (Kenan and Kel) soundtrack. Yes, I got the wedge sneakers and 'wide leg' jeans because of them! I wanted to be Irish. Where are they now? I know the lead singer still does back up for major artists...

Since Destiny's Child was one of the few groups that transcended the decade with wonderful success and made me feel like I grew up with them, I did my look based on this picture of them (the original Destiny's Child). I feel this look-smokey/neutral eye with a deep/dark brown lip- was signature of any female artist during the 90's.

I know the picture looks a bit wonky, but it was the best I could do. However, walking around the house with this look, you couldn't tell me that I wasn't ready for my pleather/lingerie, Mama Knowles stage ensemble!

black liner- MAC's Penultimate liner
brown lip- MAC's BBQ lipliner and Mad Cap lipglass
Shout out to Brandy!


Amina said...

You look great!! I looove it!!
Thank you for participating!!
the lips color is soo 90s!!!
I am sure MAC was always sold out of

Connie De Alwis said...

looking good, Kia! And I totally agree with Amina, that is definitely a 90s lip! I remember seeing that color a lot on Cindy Crawford during her reign. lol

Lala said...

ohh dammm, thanks for taking me back with those songs!!!!

Jamilla Camel said...

You look like a Dream Girl, hun!

Love the colors!

Erin said...

LOVE this look! Oh, so pretty!!!

I listened to just about the same music. R&B was POPPIN' back in that decade.

I agree, it does seem like that was the signature look for the women of the 90's. I miss the 90's.

B said...

Girl yes that lip was soooo 90's. Loves it!!

Jasmin said...

Awesome ! love the makeup ! I loved the 90's ! haha..