Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Pretty Committee March Meet up

Round 2!

(To save my 3 column layout, I had to redo the post completely!)
Thanks to slvrlips, kendall, askmewhats, jamilla camel, shana, coffee, phyrra, jojoba, my fashion frenzy, jensmakeupbag, and connie de alwis for all of your wonderful comments on the initial post!

The ladies of The Pretty Committee did it up again for the month of March.
This time, we made our way to Cazbar Restaurant in Baltimore, MD for some Mediterranean food and belly dancing!

The pictures are out of order thanks to Blogger!
The gang!
myself with Nykia, another belly dancer from Toya's troupe
Shana and Suzie take 2
Pics of the looks before getting dressed and going out.
I did my look based on a beautiful tutorial by Miss Chevious. When I saw her look, I knew it would be perfect for this themed outing. I changed my colors to green and black though. Please check out her tutorial! I used my Coastal Scents 88 palette to achieve the look.
(*Note to self: only use 1-2 colors from the palette per look. The colors are hard to blend)

[ETA] Face: MAC Studio Stick Foundation NC40, Medium Dark Natural MSF to set
           Cheeks: Flirt's Heartthrob blush with a dark Ben Nye setting powder to contour
            Lips: NYX Natural lip liner, Shy Girl cremesheen lipstick and Milani Lip Mix in Lip Fuse

The belly dancers giving us a taste of their craft! Far right is Jezal, the star of the show!
Sorry, no food porn but the food was delish and I definitely look forward to going back soon! Thanks Toya!


Shana said...

I thought google reader was playing tricks on me but glad to see all is well!

KiLLaCaM said...

that eye makeup is soooo sasha fierce! i need to tr that liner on the bottom. just as soon as lent is over cuz i gave up black liner :(

Jamie @ Rural Glamour said...

The eye makeup is crazy dope!!!!

Stylin&Profilin said...

ok, so i had to go watch that youtube vid... your eye make-up is FIERCE (as always)!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

It looked like you guys had a blast!! Your makeup is GORG!!!!!

Amina said...

the eye make up look is sooo gooorgeous!
you all look gorgeous!
Suzie is gloowing!1

Distinque said...

Love the eyelook! I do agree that they are hard to blend. They are pigmented though that's why I primarily used them for lid color.

Tina Marie Online said...

omg your eye makeup looks FAB!! props to going out that night too! idk too many girls that would wear that out but you definitely rocked it girl! (:

nilla cookie said...

Your makeup looks phenomenal! But then again, when isn't it?? Looks like you all had a great time. I wish I lived in DC!

yummy411 said...

everyone thank you for your comments. yes we all had a great time (and the food is delish). i like wearing funky looks out. don't do it too often, but i need to. if you are in the DC area, this is one place you should try!

Dao said...

wow, that's such a funky look (in a good way, of course!) You guys had a lot of fun, right?

Meya said...

i love the makeup!