Thursday, April 16, 2009

Life Changing Beauty Products

I know some of y'all think I'm melodramatic since I have these emotional ties to my favorite beauty products. Nothing like making a woman feel good! Here Total Beauty gives us their run down of top rated life changing beauty products. members say you can't live without these makeup and hairstyle wonders from MAC, Clinique and more
18 Life-Changing Beauty Products
We're paying homage to the products members consider staples in their makeup bags and bathroom cabinets. See which goods earned enough glowing beauty product reviews to rise to "can't-live-without-it" status. They may just be the answers to your beauty prayers.

Interestingly enough, I started a thread on Specktra like this a while back.  See what I think and other members say are their life changing beauty products!



hmmm i agree with some products like mac e/s...but some i don't agree. like urban decay primer. i'm a too faced e/s insurance user! but they do have products that people can't def live without.

Anonymous said...

I really loved reading this:) I could never live without my MAC MSF natural. ♥

yummy411 said...

@ jensmakeupbag: yeh i know ppl have a love hate relationship with UDPP. for me, if anything creases on my lids, i HAVE to use UDPP for it to stay in place (mainly other bases that claim to do what they don't!)

@ collette: yes mac's msf natural is a special product. have you tried the loose version? if so, what do you think of it?

Jthoss said...

i ♥ Mac MSF Natural too.. been using that til now. here I wanna share a link of skin care products.

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