Sunday, March 15, 2009

88 Palette Review for the Record!

Coastal Scents 88 Palette has been reviewed ad nauseum on blogs, youtube and every where else. Well, my review was missing, so here it is!

Check B's review here for a few swatches.
Check MakeupbyRenRen's comparison review of this palette vs. Stars Makeup Haven's palette.

I wasn't quite in love with this palette when I first got it because 1- the top half of the palette broke off as soon as I took it out of the plastic. I had hardly touched it! and 2- I tried a color on my sister and the color seemed powdery and crumbly, lots of fall out. I called it a lost and let it collect dust. Finally, Yannize made me give her my opinion on the palette which forced me to break it out. I tried a baby sky blue color, just for kicks and it blew me away! I was stoked that there was something positive about this palette.

Yannize ordered it for herself and she put it simply, "These shadows are MAC's struggling cousin that's between jobs." So dead on! I was bent after hearing that one! My side was hurting soo bad.
PROS: Bang for your buck, different textures, plenty of color options, now made in a matte case (not shiny cheap plastic)
CONS: Some you will find with EXCELLENT payoff, others not so much, a few that are a bit hard to blend (like most mattes), some with fall out, a good base is definitely needed to ensure that the colors will stick
OVERALL: Buy it! Especially if you crave color! I just wanted to be sure to give you all an accurate description of the palette.


BVB said...

Great review Yummy! I have to replace mine...a few of the shadows went MIA!

Askmewhats said...

thanks for the review :)

Connie said...

I love my 88 shadow palettes but you're definitely right about not ALL the shadows are amazing. and Yannize's description of them is hilarious!
I have no problems with the colors that I usually use (the brights and darks). Some of the pastel colors can be annoyingly powdery and
I barely have any streaks on my pale neutral colors!
It's still a cool palette though. I've created and achieved so many looks with it :D

Yannize said...

i got love for th 88 palette!


i reviewed this palette too. so many choices huh??? love it!