Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yummy411: Laura Gellar's Lipstick Jungle

We always hear about the baked face products and spackle, but we get to take a look at Laura Gellar's lip products!
Laura Gellar's Lipstick Jungle is 'A Wardrobe of Color for Lips on Every Occasion'!

Bestseller Lipstick Trio ($28.75)
High shine, light-weight lipsticks with elegant color payoff. Made with vitamins C and E, shea and cocoa butters for a smooth and creamy application.

A set of three lipstick tubes in a box (l-r):

Make it Mauve- pink lilac

Coral Chiffon-coral and pink

Safari Blaze- brownish berry with a luminous kick

Make It Mauve- One of my favorites. It's a pronounced neutral shade. This is a full bodied lipstick, nicely pigmented, but smooth and creamy, never drying.

Make It Mauve on my sister- she liked it on me, but thought the l/s would give her a Rosa Parks, Condaleeza Rice look. She's silly. On her it looks like an opaque yellow pink, but with the right makeup, it's a great neutral.
Safari Kick- The star of the bunch. Gives you a MAC's Queen's Sin feel. This may be the more wearable version. The metallic sheen isn't as noticeable in this closeup, but the darker red and low metallic sheen is perfect! Not intimidating at all!

Check it out on me (full face photo gives you a better reference):

The color is a bit deeper in real life.

Coral Chiffon- this was my sister's second favorite of the bunch.

Dream Cream Lip Palette
Palette comes in two shades: Apricot Berry and Berry. Suede texture, soft and cushiony. A great compromise between the feel of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss. ($25 with retractable brush)

Sorry, no skin or lip swatches

Next! Lip Stay Duo ($20)
One of Laura's favorite creations. Long lasting lip color with silicone spheres to keep lips colored for hours. Available in two colors with the same high shimmer top coat: Laura's Lips and Selenia's Lips

I tried Selenia's Lips:

Selenia's Lips is a combo of Merlot long wearing lip color (lush burgundy) and City Lights top coat (a gloss with multi color shimmer).

Stain and top coat

Top lip- just the Merlot stain; bottom lip- stain and top coat

You may not be able to tell from the pics, but when I put the stain on alone, I was impressed with the pigmentation and how even the application was. I've had blotchy stains and some that just seemed right uncomfortable. I've been wearing this for about two hours. I don't have an overly drying feeling on my lips. This isn't a usual color for me, but I absolutely love it!

Overall, I really enjoyed the quality of these products. The color range reminds me of Bobbi Brown's style of makeup as I've never tried BB's lip products (tamed, sophisticated colors), but Laura Gellar adds a bit of glam.

These pocket treats are great as gifts or stocking stuffers, but whew! Move over Christmas. I think I have a color or two for my New Year's!! Have any of you ever tried Laura Gellar's lip products? Intrigued? Find Laura Gellar at Sephora and QVC!


Amina said...

beautiiiiiiiful!! the lippies are so gorgeous!!!
I loove the hair as always..(did B tell you, i am locking...waiting to pass a few months before writing it on my blog )

PBW said...

I really like the stain on you. The bold lip is a pretty change of pace.

Mayhem said...

Ufff, Safari Blaze looks so good. I love colors like that. Very sexy look on you.

Seymone said...

I have to check out Laura Geller lipsticks.

Askmewhats said...

I have never tried or seen Laura Gellar products, but based on your photos/swatches, I LOVE THEM!!! Looks so pretty on you!!!!

Trent said...

Oooh! I'm loving the Make It Mauve!

MakeupByRenRen said...

i haven't tried anything from laura mercier except her primer...i'm slowly starting to branch out though...those lippies look pretty!

Shen said...

your lips are gorgeous sis! me loves it! :) the last one is vavavoom! the trio is so intriguing! i hope we get the brand here in the future. :)

Anonymous said...

I love that last one so much. It would look great with a washed out ultra nude eye.

nilla cookie said...

Wow Miss Kia, I love the bolder lippie!

B said...

The stain is hot! Look at Laura Gellar...I may need to check some thangs out.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

These products are phein worthy! Laura Gellar might just have a new customer.

Gangstarr Girl said...

Ooooh. Pretty lips.