Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yummy411: Hair Update 12-2008!

Check out the fuzzy wuzziness that is my hair! This is after it was washed and conditioned. This was the first time I've ever seen it this fuzzy! I think because I let it grow out so much before washing it and getting it retwisted.

(Gosh that part is huge. Looks like I'm missing some hair there!)

Ah squeaky clean! All ready to be twisted up!
The routine:
  • Wash with Jamaican Mango and Lime Tingling shampoo. Wash and rinse until hair rinses clear. (about 4-5 washes)
  • Condition with Suave Clarifying Conditioner. Clarifying products are good for locs to address build up and keep the hair tight.
  • For loc maintenance and retwisting I use Ampro brown gel... don't shoot me! My hair is just determined to not stay twisted with anything else. The brown gel holds like none other!

I was so tired after I got from under the dryer, I didn't take an after photo of the loc maintenance. I'm sure you'll see it in an upcoming fotd! I'm seriously trying to do my Lola look!


OrganizedNachos said...

Even in their "fuzzy state", your locs look clean and healthy.Good job.

Amina said...

they're very beautiful!!
thank you for sharing your routine with us :)

Krystal said...

ooohhh that shampoo sounds good...mango and lime?! *googling now* LOL

you twist them by yourself?

B said...

Your hair is so thick and long! Ohhhh to get on your level soon, Kia.

iamgrape1119 said...

I love your hair!! It's so thick and shiny! It's so healthy looking!

Bombchell said...

that's crazy how ur hair looked so full, and had that spaced part.

i love when my friends hair is all loose, then one day u see them and its all tightly twisted and shiny lol. im a goof i know.

hotredsly said...

your skin is so beautiful.

Ambrosia said...

I love watching people get their hair twisted! that's so much growth!

Tee said...

You know what!? You are the only other person I know that uses that brown gel. My husband's hair won't stay twisted with anything else either. Fantastic growth honey! I love hair shots.

naptress said...

Wow looking at you makes me miss my clients...I posted some pics on my blog of me with locs,lol and some of my clients...stop by and check it out

Product Junkie Diva said...

Look at all of that beautiful new growth!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Kia I havent seen you in a while I love the color. Lets do lunch!


MakeupByRenRen said...

i love your hair, it's so thick and healthy, loves it!

Nerd Girl said...

Hmmm . . . never thought of using the brown gel - I may give that a shot. My hair stays fuzzy - freshly twisted or not. Your hair is looking good!!

yummy411 said...

@ organized nachos: thank you! i actually liked my fuzzy wuzzy teddy bear head lol. i got your comment on youtube and you cracked me up!!

@ amina: thank you!

@ krystal: it's a nice shampoo. nothing to write home about. any menthol-tingling shampoo will do. you don't get the smell after you've covered it up with conditioner etc. my sister actually twists them for me now. i suck at doing it myself!

@ b: thanks! just don't go this long in between touch ups, okay? ;)

@ iamgrape: thanks!!

@ bombchell: yeh.. i think the flash help make the part look worse. no, i know exactly what you mean. i feel good after it's been freshly twisted.

@ hotredsly: thank you!! that's the greatest compliment!

@ ambrosia: lol.. isn't it? after fresh loc maintenance.. it's like a great makeover!

@ tee: really? i'm the ONLY other person you know? i talked to a lot of locked ppl when trying to get opinions on brown gel vs. the other natural stuff. i got about 50/50... and since my hair is like your husbands... it's about the only way for me to go so far...

@ naptress: aww :) any recommendations for products to use on resistant hair for loc maintenance?

@ pjd: thank you!!

@ anonymous/mutha: i know! it has been a while. you know that color is the same color from when i first cut my hair! i haven't colored it since because as i was initially trying to get my hair to loc, it was recommended that i not put color in. perm color processes your hair and straightens it a bit, making it harder to loc.

@ makeupbyrenren: thank you!! i'm loving it now too ;) i've never seen my hair like this before... my own natural hair =p

@ nerd girl: aww! yeh it's quick to get fuzzy, but before my hair would completely untwist! if you haven't used it before, it will flake. don't wear white shirts shortly after doing your hair! interestingly enough, as of late, i haven't had much problems with flaking etc.

Anonymous said...

Yeah to the hair update. Your progress is inspiring!

SuzieC said...

Your hair looks so soft and pretty fuzzy!

Aya said...

Kia your hair is beautiful! It looks like a lot of work...how long does it take to twist your whole head? I would love to watch someone get their hair twisted/twist their own hair.