Monday, November 24, 2008

Yummy411: By Request- Makeup Tutorial

Hi Lynn! This post is for you! You requested to see how I do my makeup step by step so here it is! I'll do another tutorial on a different look some time soon ha! I tried to chose something simple that can easily be replicated. Since I told you all the smokey look was very easy, I wanted to show you.
This model served as inspiration, but the makeup wasn't copied exactly.
Start with priming the eyes. I used concealer.

Use a neutral, light shadow all over the eye area from lash to brow.

Use a black pencil to give concentration of color near the lash line.

I used the same shader brush to apply the neutral shadow, to place some gray shadow above the black liner and overlapping it a bit.

Then I used my fluffy blending brush to blend out the gray.

It looks like this so far.

I used my pencil brush to put some silver shadow in my inner corners.

I made sure to keep the intensity at the lashline, by touching up the black with a bit of black eye shadow. Then, lined the water rim with the same black eye liner I used on my lids.

I stop to conceal under my eyes, but then used the same pencil brush to add a shimmery taupe color on my bottom lid. I want to draw definition to my eyes, but didn't want to go all out black down there. The model up top actually just has a gray on her bottom lid!

To finish up, I filled in my brows, added some lashes and dusted my face with MAC's MSF natural and Cover Girl Mineral Bronzer in Light Bronze. Blush in Bombay Glow by Lancome and Melrose Mood l/s with Beige Linen Dior lip gloss.
Hope that helps Lynn!


Askmewhats said...

I love this, your brows are perfect!!! I just have to say it heheheh :)

Connie said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial! You're awesome ;)

Anonymous said...


KayeL said...

looove the tutorial. you have such gorgeous eyes!

B said...

Ummm, okay. I still don't understand. Guess you'll have to start the smokey eye tour in Orlando, Florida. LOL!! Just beauuuutiful, Yums!

MakeupByRenRen said...

beautiful hon! loves the look :)

kkbonGo is a Keeper said...

You look beautiful girl. Very detailed picture tutorial, good job!! I would love to start doing these, but my camera sucks to bad. What kind of camera are you using?

Therapeutic Musings said...

I think I'm going to try this, probably will look like a fool, but I'll still try, lol.

Anonymous said...

NICE! I'll have to try this soon....printing and taking pages home w/me...

Avartsy Poverty

Anonymous said...

I love your eyes!! It's IMO a mix one of the easiest eye shape to play with!! BTW, I'd kill for your brows....LOL

Mayhem said...

That's really cute, I need to invest in a thick black pencil of some sort, I always do the smokey eye but I always use eyeshadow for it. Seems this cuts back on the time required... I really love the look.

Shawnta said...

Loves it!!! Your hair is growing girl!!!

SuzieC said...

The all black smokey eye gives me trouble but this looked really easy and so pretty! I’m going to try your technique. Hopefully I won’t look like I got jumped in an alley.

Product Junkie Diva said...

super duper pretty!

Anonymous said...

This is crazy pretty! Great tutorial also.

Grayburn said...

So pretty! I'm always amazed at how good CoverGirl cheek products look on camera. Well done!

x Grayburn

Anonymous said...

It came out really pretty, Kia. I love it. I may have to do a smokey look for Thanksgiving....or maybe you can do it for me. Yeah, the latter sounds great!!

OMG...LMAO at Suzie C's comment.

yummy411 said...

@ askmewhats: thank you doll!!

@ coonie: no prob. i have to catch up with you and all of your fab tuts!

@ anon and kayeL: thank you!!

@ B: what do you mean????! LOL thank you!

@ makeupbyrenren: thanks girl!

@ kkbonGo is a keeper: thank you! i use a fuji finepix cam sd..?? 12mp 10 opt zoom...i'll check on the number for you!

@ theraputic musings: don't say that.. wishing you much success on the smokey eye!

@ anon/avartsy poverty: =))) awww thanks! good luck!

@ tao's makeup: thank you!!

@ mayhem: thank you! shadow works as well! i used shadow over the pencil.

@ shawnta: thank you! i'm trying to be like you! ;)

@ suziec: girl you are a trip! YOU.CAN.DO.EEET! ;)

@ PJD and juvenescent: thanks ladies!!!

@ grayburn: thanks! i've found that pro artists like this CG product as well!

@ darbygirl: thank you!! everyone LOVED your last smokey eye. we'd love to see another version!

jeSmakeup said...

u did a great job! its like a really nic smokey look

bob-ij said...

it looks even better than the model's!! the silver is lovely!

Lynn said...

thank youuuuuu very much for the tips.. thats so kind of u.

Anonymous said...