Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yummy411: BCA Favorite Pink Things Tag

Connie aka @smellocheese tagged me to do my list of favorite pink things for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Such a great tag!!!

TAG: Share some of your favorite Pink products and a Pink look that you've previously done or would like to do for this tag! Tag 5 other bloggers to do the tag by leaving a message on their blogs and don't forget to link the person who have tagged you.

What's your favorite:

Eyeshadow- MAC Expensive Pink? I don't really do pink shadows, but I think Expensive Pink was my first pink shadow that I bought.
(photo credit as you can see)
Blush- MAC Dame. One of my most recent favorites. There's a lot more. I went through looking for a great pink blush like one searches for their perfect red lipstick.
Lip gloss- Viva Glam V lipglass. The ultimate, best, pink nude ever. Pretty versatile on most skin tones!
(photo credit)

Lipstick-Viva Glam V lipstick- same goes for the lipstick! In lustre formula so you don't have to be scurrred. Light with a bit more opacity than other lustres.
(photo credit)
Any other Product- my lip gloss pouch. A free gift with purchase from Lancome. The best gift ever. Keeps all of my lipglass and glosses, lipsticks, and lip conditioner all together in my purse!
A recent pink look

Okay, I actually did this look for this post, for BCA!
This look is based off of Danica's Pink Cat Halloween Look.
However, I added some lashes that I've been saving.
Rubenesque p/p all over eye
HiP crayon in Unmistakable on lid
Jesse's Girl pigment- no name- pink and gold dust on lid, through crease and bottom lid
HiP shadow duo in Brazen, pink side only in crease and bottom lid
A shimmery dark coal gray in the crease and outer v
Blacktrack fluidline to liner all around eyes!
Magic Dust e/s to highlight
Fright Night Lash Kit in Cleopatra
MAC matte gel
Mineralized Skinfinish Loose foundation
MAC Petticoat MSF highlight and blush (Have you seen
this enough around the blogosphere???)
Harmony blush to contour
Cherry Blossom Gloss
Jesse's Girl-no name- pink and gold dust
no time for liner and all that! LOL


Just want to share some thoughts:
-Am I the last person to try Blacktrack on my waterline? FIRE!
-Ok I'm so in love with these lashes!! I need back ups. I'm raiding the Halloween aisles on Thursday and thereafter!


Askmewhats said...

You're not the only person who apply blacktrack on the waterline I haven't! And you should be in love with the lashes because they look crazily WONDERFUL on you!!!

MakeupByRenRen said...

yes girl those lashes are hot! i have the exact same plan...the day after halloween i'm checking out all the stores to pick up the clearance halloween lashes he he

imee said...

you're absolutely right. it does take some serious effort to search for that perfect pink blush as with finding the perfect red lipstick. and *I* have yet to find either.

my goodness, those lashes are great!

Kimberly Tia said...

Those lashes... are LOVE!!!!
Love I said!!! ^_^

Connie said...

Thanks so much for doing the tag! *hugs* And the look is awesome! hyper dramatic. The lashes... wooo... Pink looks great on you. I still can't seem to make it work for me. Dang it! The Viva Glam V lipstick looks really nice. I've been tempted to try the dupe from Silk Naturals

<3 Shawnta said...

LOL I love your plea for the petticoat! It is fab and I love the look!

SuzieC said...

I love the PSA for Petticoat! The look is hot especially the lashes, they make me want to run to CVS and get some!

Kimberly Tia said...

awww thanks mama! your sweet! i added ya to my subs list =)

i loved your makeup look, it reminds of "a clock work orange"!! FIERCE!

Vanessa M. said...

those are some pretty lashes and love that pink collection lol

Dao said...

Girl you look fierce. I've been rocking the muted pink look for a while now :)

Erin said...

Yay, I get to do another pink look!! I love this look and the lashes, Yummy.

BabyDoll said...

OMG! I AM IN LOVE WITH THOSE LASHES! Your face looks so yummy ;o)

Amina said...

OMG!! I had a huge grin when I read your plea! I ordered it online yesterday and i can't wait to receive it!!
Your look is simply beautiful!!
the pink bag is hot too
I'll work on my fotd and post it.hugs!

yummy411 said...

@ askmewhats: thank you! great. so i'm just fashionably late to the blacktrack party huh? you should give it a try.. nice sooty black!

@ makeupbyrenren: yes! before i had seen lashes, but they were a bit crappy. with the few sets i saw recently i'm more excited! the lashes like stand up on your lash line.. crazy! forget the candy, i want lashes and makeup!

@ imee: you should try dame blush. thanks!

@ kimberly_tia: i agree wholeheartedly...LOVE!

@ connie: thank you for tagging me! *hugs* great game! i finally did it =p you need vg5 in your life.. lol i say that because that was the first and only lipstick i fell in love with

@ shawnta: thanks! do you think she'll go ahead and buy it?

@ suzie: lol thanks! yes they are hot.. i need to find more!! if i find some i'll pick you up some.

@ kimberly tia: thanks doll!

@ vanessa m: thanks girlie!

@ dao: thank you! i love your subtle pink look.

@ erin: thank you! yes lemme see!

@ baby doll: where have you been? i miss you in a e-sista type of way LOL! thank you!!!!

Cybele said...

wowee, that's a crazy eye look! nice.

Coffee said...

Girl, this is plain FIERCE. Not less than HAWT. I need those lashes in my life.

Dang it, I should have gotten petticoat. However, the MA at MAC told me she doesn't like in on darker tones. So I got So Ceylon (which I adore by the way).

yummy411 said...

@ cybele: thanks! how are you?

@ coffee: yeh you need to go ahead and get petticoat. but do try it before getting it. it's a gorg highlight. she doesn't believe in petticoat on darker skintones... check out seymone's fotd.

yummy411 said...

oh yes coffee.. so ceylon is very pretty. i need a light hand with it though LOL! i'll try to do an fotd with it.

slvrlips said...

Thanks for the tag!! Those lashes are fire! Very hot! And petticoat must be a must have lol
Great look!!

jeSmakeup said...

wow! i like how u did the makeup../ seems hard for me..

B said...

Where the FRACK have I been? This is soooooo hot!!! And I didn't even know you tagged me. Maybe I did and that's why I did pink things on FOTD Friday. LOL! Dang I want that Cherry Blossom gloss now.

Roxy said...

those eyelashes are crazy cool! i love it =] this post seems like so much fun considering how much i <3 pink! thanks for the recommendations

ps i love petticoat MSF too!!!