Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Fashion Week Experience, Part 2

So you've seen the tent before, here it is again.. unless some celebs are walking through or you are really people watching hard, this can get boring. To pass time while finishing up my drinks, I caught on to the attendees shoe game! (Leopard front, leather back)

Platforms are heaven sent!
This pair is made for a bad b*&%!... me! But they were on her feet...

Paired with this awesome plaid dress... There was so much fabulosity in and around the tent, but this was just my style!

Ehh not that special up close, but capturing the whole outfit.. this chick looked gorgeous. I think I like the nude/tan sandals with expertly pedicured, dark toes.
Nice! Reminded me of some Jessica Simpson platforms that were on my wish list.
Hmm interesting LOL! Tattoos, mismatched polish... The next day, on the way to the tents, we spotted this guys. I love Project Runway, but Nikkia had to remind me of who this was........ what's his name again? Even closer to the tents and before entering, we caught a rally....with Miss J in the center of it all.. a hot fabulous mess! The Rally was for Curves on the Catwalk! My type of party!

The Diva on the left is co founder of the Curves on the Catwalk Rally.
Miss NYC Plus Size

So I went backstage to the Harvey Leger show... All of the tents seemed to be connected so I walked around, honestly I don't know which show I was behind! Oops! I checked on the nail look for this particular show... "umm clean and clear" was not what I was looking for! Great! No hot colors, no snazzy design...??

Oh, but the nail specialist had the nails of a lifetime! Look at those babies!
Models' digs
Revlon makeup for this look of smoked eyes and lavendar lips.. hmm smokey eyes never grow old huh?

I floated around the tents, stumbled upon this small group... no models, but that face looked familiar.. oh yes yes yes.. that's Tracey Reese!
Does anyone recognize any person in this group? People were standing around with cameras waiting for them to make a move. I got a pic just in case they were celebs! LOL
Claire of The Fashion Bomb
Back to the lounge area. Hmm writing this post I think my backstage pass also allowed me to do the actual show, but I didn't know. I headed back to the main tent and found a bunch of friends!
Nigel! I was too starstruck to get in the pic ( I didn't want to appear to be a groupie!) AATP's (All About the Pretty) Julia Coney!
The ladies of Beautiful in Real Life
Joy of The Anti Hair Slave and me! On the way to the Total Beauty Suite, I saw Teri of Beautiful Makeup Search. Look at her gorgeous nails! She's wearing one of the Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen colors!

Me and TheMakeupGirl Lianne
The Makeup Bag's, Erika and JeannieB

The awesome trio that hit NY with a vengence- me, Yannize and Nikkia.. more on that later!

Stay tuned for Part 3!


Jennifer L said...

OMG HUBBA HUBBA NIGEL is soooo efffing HOT!!!!! His accent makes him all that sexier! I would have ran up to him and make him take a pic with me LOL

Miss J did look like a hot mess

oh man looks like soo much fun!

Baglife said...

great post and pictures!!!
greetings from spain.

fiftycenthead said...

Oh my gosh, that looks so fun! Maybe I can join ya'll for Fall '09?

slvrlips said...

Kia Great pics!! We had a blast and my feet are still recovering (LOL) Great post!

MakeupByRenRen said...

OMG how fabulous! i wanna be like you when i grow up...meanwhile, i'm going to find me a pair of those gladiator high heels!

B said...

Ohmigosh ohmigosh!! Look at those shoes. I really just can't get into the gladiator heels. Yuck. Not for me but these ladies are rockin' 'em!!! Miss J truly is a hot mess. Nigel on the other hand...

Dao said...

The shooz are awesome! You got pics of Miss J and Nigel, woa! Nigel is so tall, OMG! I'm acting like a frantic fangirl right now LOL.

Mrs. Lynne, said...

looks like sooo much fun kia! shoes galore and the chance to meet everyone?? holla girl :D

Erica said...

The ones in the fourth pic are BAAAADDDD!!!!

Coffee said...

Those platforms are HAWT!!!!!

Leeann said...

So lucky! Great idea to take pictures of shoes, often forgotten at fashion shows...

SuzieC said...

Love the pics! I will be dreaming about the shoes and Nigel...

Bombchell said...


ha ha ha out all the many pics, all we ladies are commenting on the same thing, or rather guy =)

ooh i like the polka dots on her nails. got diamantes last week =) lol

Alyssia said...

it looks like you guys had lots of fun! I wish i lived near the east coast! =)

Dominican Enigma said...

you didn't post our pic. I'm hurt. grrrrrrrr. lol, I had so much fun!!!!

Luxe Tips said...

Hey girl!

To my new Twitter friend! I love this site. I love your tutorials and I love your fresh approach to fashion week. I do believe I got a true sense of what it was like for a newbie! Keep up the good work!

Jessica Dee said...

WOW those pics were interesting! Especially about the shoes! Some of them were to die for! & Some..not. HAHA But you looked like you had fun and you looked great! Your make up looks so soft and pretty!

Missy said...

First, the black shoes in the first couple of pictures are H.O.T!!!
Second, I love that you took the photo of the "unknowns" just 'cause everyone was watching!!
Third and fourth...Could Nigel look more appealing? I think not.

Anonymous said...

Great pics!!!!!

Love those platform shoes. I was expecting more from the ladies wearing them. Like fun hair or something but alas... no.

yummy411 said...

@ jennifer l: hhahaha!

@ baglife: hola! thanks!!

@ fifty-centhead: i hope so!! get geared up mama!

@ slvrlips: thanks!

@ makeupbyrenren: if you find those heels, let me know! i need a pair too!

@ b, dao and mrs. lynne: i agree!

@ erica and coffee: i know!!!

@ leeann: shoes, ppl watching.. all in a days fun at NYFW!

@ suziec and bombchell: shoes! nigel! shoes! nigel! LOL

@ alyssia: it was major fun!!

@ dominican enigma: i hadn't met you yet LOL. i have one more post!

@ luxetips: hey twitter babe! lol thanks!!

@ jess dee: thanks!!

@ missy: i figured out the unknowns.. or at least my friend did! check my upcoming post!

@ juvenescent: what about the plaid dress though?? it was hottt!!!

nilla cookie said...

Where the heck have I been?? I'm just now catching up on your FW recaps and I love, love the shoes!!