Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yummy411: Pink Day Look

My sister, Toni, was working on a look for Kim (how to punch up neutrals), but being the diva that she is, she went vibrant and we decided that this was a more colorful daytime look.

  • 1. She based my lid with foundation,
  • 2. Applied the pink from L'Oreal HiP's Duo in Brazen to the lid, and
  • 3. Used MAC's Plum Dressing e/s in my crease and outer v.
  • 4. She used Pure Luxe's Moon Glow as my highlight color.
  • 5. She put a bit of Girl Boy brow set in my brows and filled in the rest with CG Smoothers Brow Pencil in dark brown.
  • 6. She lined my top lid with Smoulder eye liner and layered it with Clarins' Violet eye pencil.
  • 7. On my bottom lid, she used Evening Aura e/s.
  • 8. I got a few coats of L'Oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black.
  • FACE:
  • 9. She mixed MUFE's Matte Velvet + (65) and Studio Fix Fluid (nc37) foundations together and applied them with a foundation brush.
  • 10. For concealer, she used bit of the Studio Fix Fluid, as it was the lighter of the two foundations.
  • 11. She used MAC's MSF Natural in Medium Plus to set the foundation.
  • 12. She applied MAC blush in Peachykeen to my cheeks and topped my cheeks an T Zone with MAC bronzer iridescent loose powder.
  • 13. On my lips is the Maybelline lip polish in Pinch of Pink.
Here are some other shots:

Baby duty is always better when you mix sisters + makeup=FUN.


slvrlips said...

Gorgeous look!!
I'm loving the sister picture at the bottom.

Amina said...

your sister has skills:)
loooove the picture and the look
i recently purchased plum dressing and it is to die for :)
you look gorgeous in the picture

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! I think I have to go out and get the HIP duo in Brazen because of you! :) The sister pics are too cute!!! ;)

nilla cookie said...

Holla pink mama! It reminds me of Jem, the cartoon from the 80s - she rocked it hard and so do you! I love it, girl! :)

Love Peachykeen too, it's my favorite and the only blush where I've hit the pan.

MakeupByRenRen said...

awww she did a good job! i wish i had sisters to play makeup with :(

Tracez of my Lipstick.... said...

cute look! i can never get that pink in the Hip duo to show up that vibrant on me! (((jealous!))) lol. and cute pics!

oh and be on the look starting this whole blogging thing over! new and improved! lol

Seymone said...

Very pretty look. U look so summery and glowy. Love pink on you

yummy411 said...

@ slvrlips: thanks nikkia!

@ anjela: thank you! i like the duo.

@ nilla cookie: thanks nills! you like peachykeen? i need to play around with my blushes. i'm so stuck on harmony and sincere.

@ makeupbyrenren: thanks ren! it's fun until they start tapping into my 'collection'! ;p

@ tracez of my lipstick: really? what do you base it with? i will admit that most of the matte e/s duos are a bit splotchy. she had to really pack on the shdae. thanks! yay! more blogging!!

yummy411 said...

@ amina: thank you!!!

@ seymone: thanks sey sey!!

xoxo Jaimie said...

aww im loving the pink and your cheeks, they really make your eyes pop!

yummy411 said...

thanks xoxo jaimie!!

SuzieC said...

You look so pretty!! I love the cheek color you have such a nice glow and the sis pic is too, too cute!!!

yummy411 said...

lol! thanks suzie. me and my girls minus 1... having a litte makeup fun ;)

PBW said...

Gorgeous look! I LOVE the eyes! That MAC Peachykeen also looks fabulous on you!!!

Tracez of my Lipstick.... said...

I used my mac studio stick as a base, but as u said maybe i just didn't pack it on heavy enough. I try to recreate the look for my date tonite! lol ill tell u how it turns out!

B said...

That last pic of you is HOT!!! I love pinks on the lids. I have struggles with applying them but I'm learning. I'll be doing a post a bout it soon and guess who I'm going to ask to show us there pink FOTD? Hmmmm.....:)

yummy411 said...

@ pbw: thank you1

@ toml: hey, it's official. HiP shadows don't always pick up enough on a brush and they don't always blend so well.. rather splotchy (which my sister mentioned while doing this look. it was hard to pinpoint and i'm rather sad to have to admit it to myself (after collecting just about all of the colors) =(. let me know how it works for you!

@ b: thanks! a pink post! kewlies ;))))