Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yummy411: Layout Refreshed!

Thanks to Zoe of Chic and Sassy DesignsChic and Sassy Designs, Yummy411... get it here! was refreshed! For those of you that haven't come out of Google reader, come on and check out the page! Everything is still on the blog, but some features have been relocated. The chat box, about me spot and some of the lists have been moved over to the left of the blog. Contact me, subscribe and homepage links are on the top right hand side.. One more special touch: our Yummy411 girl at the top of the page got a makeover! Her hair is curlier and she's got on some new, funky gear LOL. I hope you all like it. If you have any blog needs, hit Zoe up. This is my second time working with her and she was as fabulous as the first time!


SuzieC said...

I love the new layout! I think I said that already in the chat box but I'll say it

yummy411 said...

lol! thanks girl!

Zoe said...

I'm glad you like your new template !!!! :-)