Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Yummy411: Go Mommy Go- Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+

Mommies on the go (and other busy women in demand) really don't have time for multiple products just to look fresh and polished. Here I review one of my new found loves Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+.

Why I like this: Read these words- oil-free, mattifying, and color range. That's all I needed to read to pique my interest, but let me tell you more. I know you'll be sold! This foundation not only has those properties, but I would dare to wear this without any other makeup. Did you ever have that friend (or maybe even it was you) that would wear foundation while in sweats, running an errand with you to pick up a plant or something as small as pick up the pampers on sale at Target? Yeh, her. Being a makeup junkie I understand the need as the foundation would offer a pick me up to your otherwise dull look. However, against those sweats and hair in a pony tail, the foundation just doesn't blend with your easy going, no frills day. It just looks fake and forced. This foundation is what that friend needs (or you) to look natural, but refreshed. It blends into skin well and offers medium coverage or can be used sparingly for light coverage (my style). It feels creamy as it dispenses, but is light upon application with no greasy feel. I know this sounds gross, but I like to apply with my fingers (for a thin, lotion application). This is one of those foundations where you see someone with flawless skin, but upon further inspection realize the person has something on, not quite sure what, but her skin looks great regardless. Mat velvet+ also cuts down on finding your perfect tinted moisturizer and a great setting powder... It's all in one product! That's right! You don't have to set this foundation with a setting powder as it mattes on its own, unless you want more coverage. This foundation gave me what I expected from MAC Studio Fix Fluid. Perfect for mommies on the go!

Slight dislikes: By the fifth hour or so, only my nose (after being outside in 80 degree weather) has become a star, shining brightly (usually my forehead and cheeks too share the spotlight). I'm not turning away from this foundation just because of that, since I can count on this oil blotting powder (only in spots) for my oilies that resurrect. The price point is kind of moderate- high ($34), but for two products in one with great wearability (is that a word, lol?), it's worth it. I wouldn't recommend this to someone with dry skin, unless you like the finish so much that you are sure to moisturize well with a good thick cream before hand.

Have you tried Make Up For Ever's Mat Velvet+? What did you think? Go to TotalBeauty.com to see what other people think about this foundation.


MakeupByRenRen said...

i've been wanting to try this foundation 4-ever! it sounds perfect! but then i heard the dry skin and i was like, shoot! but i think my skin isn't too dry...only in the summer...right now i'm okay if I moisturize...then i'm pretty normal throughout the day...think i should be okay?

yummy411 said...

hey ren! i know! on specktra people rave about it. in the summer with moisturized skin i think you'll be okay esp. if you put it on soon after moisturizing. i've waited a bit which for me is okay, but i can feel slightly the 'dry' feeling which for me is okay LOl.. but for you, try again right after moisturizing. better yet, head to sephora for a sample! i hope you like it as much as i do ;)

nywele said...

yay. another go mummy go post..
great post!
Yes, i know someone who will never be caught dead without foundation..even going downstairs to pick the mail. I am the other extreme, people have seen me in my BAD...i mean BAD i just rolled out of the bed looks/days..

anyways, i will ask for a sample as well. hugs

yummy411 said...

hey nywele! once you try the sample, let me know what you think!

Seymone said...

I have to agree with u. Now that it is summer and more tone is more orange/red the shade that I have match perfectly. It really is a long wearing foundation. However you really need to try the face and body..HGrail material I tell ya. It might look shiny once u first apply but once u put powder over it.. Perfection is what ur left with

B said...

A friend of mine wears this and she is in looooove.

Askmewhats said...

very nice review..thanks girl!

Erin said...

I use this too!! And I really like it. My skin is really oily especially in the T-zone. I find that I do not need to put on a moisturizer. If I do, the oils along with the moisturizer makes the foundation oxidize a bit. And I hate looking orange. So I realized that I dont have to use a moisturizer, especially in the summer. I'm #65 in this foundation.

Melissa said...

Sounds like a great foundation. I've never tried one by MUF. Next time I'm at Sephora, I will definitely check this out.Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Went to Sephora. Tried this. Loved it. Bought it. Took it home and found out it had wheat in it. Returned it the very next day. *le sigh*

(g)ezebel said...

darnnit. now i gotta go get this. i have yet to find a liquid foundation that i like.

The Home Spa Goddess said...

If you like the coverage I guess the price isn't too bad. My Prescriptives custom blend foundation is $62!

I'm starting a feature on my blog, HomeSpaGoddess.com about all the products beauty blogger can't live without. Your blog is great and I'd love for you to participate:)

Just answer this question:

You're stranded on a desert island where all of your basic needs (food, water, shelter) are taken care of. You are allowed an unlimited supply of only 7 beauty products. What seven products would you choose?

They can be products for hair, face or body. If you want to participate just email me your answers at hsg{at}homespagoddess.com and put "Island Beauty" in the subject line. I'm going to run my "Island Beauty" feature once a week and I'll email you when you're featured.


yummy411 said...

@ seymone: ooohhhhhhh can't wait to try... oh no! LOL! my pockets beware!

@ b: i know why! ;)

@ askmewhats: glad i can help! smile!

@ erin: cool! thanks! i think we wear the same color!

@ melissa: be sure to share what you think! ;)

@ mandypandy: you need to create your own makeup line! (i'll be the first in line to buy!) it seems nothing suits you! =( can the companies get it right?

@ (g): i agree!

@ HSG: thanks!

Anonymous said...

IDK; I just wish companies would stop putting wheat and barley in all my favorite products. :*(

It is an amazing foundation, though. Dare I say it: it's the best I've ever tried (and I've tried quite a few).

yummy411 said...

wow really mandy? have you been able to compare it to the face and body?

so what reaction do you have to wheat and barley? do you have a bad allergy?

Kieya said...

I actually just got that brand foundation in sephora the other day & I love it. It blends so well!

sarahPUFFY said...

I have combination skin, and ALWAYS, 5-10 minutes after application, my nose is already shiny. I've been considering this one for a while [along with Philosophy's mineral foundation for rushed on-the-go days]; I think I'll go ahead and splurge. I have to re-buy my HG primer, too. Damn.