Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yummy411: Hauling in LA

So during my time out in LA, I had to grab some beauty even if at my own expense lol. With me, to share in beauty fun was my homie Marsadie (check out her blog to see what she hauled and a review!) and her bf Trent was a great sport to tag along!
Of course one thing I love to do is to check out the different drugstores. In my area we have CVS and Rite Aid. In LA they had the infamous Longs. Yes, believe it or not, this was a beauty destination for me. At longs they had a wonderful assortment of NYX and Rimmel amongst other regularly found beauty items. Of course they were out of the infamous NYX Kiwi eye shadow.

I found some jewels at the Rimmel Underground display! I found the Rimmel Spark It Up liners!

(photo credit: Musings of a Muse)

From the picture, it looks like I have the 3rd and 4th liners from top. I got shades Peridot (dark bluish teal) and Black Gold (dark blackish gold). Very beautiful for a drugstore brand (Milani has similar colors with the dual glitter and pencil liners. However, Rimmel is cheaper.) The Muse says that these pencils remind her of MAC's soft sparkle pencils, but to me they definitely remind me of the MAC power kohls; Jealousy and my favoritey Mystery. Backups with a cheaper price tag!! Yay! Ok, one downfall... not much staying power, at least from a swatch. I'll try them over powder eye shadow and the works soon!
I went to Planet Beauty and found a full range of OPI. I was tempted to go ahead and buy my much lusted after India collection, because I actually saw it all at once (and the Mod Brights collection), but at about $8.99 per bottle, no thanks. I'd much rather shop at I did however, get to see the much raved about (at one time at least) OPI Ink. What a gorgeous deep, sparkly purple! I also got a Mimosas for the Mr. and Mrs. in an attempt to buy a shade that I once had on my toes that looked like my toes, but more refined and polished, a super sheer, white-ish, cream.

(photo credit: bewitch911)
I had the opportunity to take a some what of a closer look at Cargo blushes, yum! I fell in love with both Rome and Mendocino. Unfortunately, the cashier gave me Laguna instead of my requested Rome. *wah!!!* There's no Planet Beauty in the DC area. Laguna is a bright, tangerine blusher (think Fafi blushes), but less chalky, opaque.

Ah good times in LA! I look forward to using these babies in the near future! Do you all have any of these items? What do you all think of them?


Amina said...
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nywele said...

Cargo blushes are fun! I got into them thanks to Twinkle Twinkle. I currently own Echo beach and i want the rest of them especially coral beach.

I also received a deluxe sample of the bronzer in medium and it is really pretty...yay Cargo:)
their glosses seem fun too! Make up is such an addiction!!

Marsadie said...

Yayy! What I want to know is what that pretty lilac/lavendar nail polish was you were wearing that Saturday at the Summit. I don't know why I didn't ask you then!

MakeupByRenRen said...

ohhh great haul! opi ink is gorgeous...i just wish i wore nail polish more often to show it's always magenta on my toes lol.

so far i'm really loving the a-design brush's great to have a complete set so i can throw it in my set bag for touch ups without having to take from my original brushes...i totally agree though...why is it that a lot of brush sets dont have the tapered crease brushes...i couldn't live without the 217 and 222 else would i get a smooth crease? oh well! i'm looking into getting a fold up chair and light too...right now i have a lot of clients coming over so it's been okay...but when i start traveling more i'll probably head over to ikea for one...

do you have any recommendations for darker lip pencils for women of color...? like natural ones? i'm thinking of chestnut and mothbrown...any other recs?

Lacroix said...

Great Haul Yummy!
I haven't tried Cargo blushes yet, I'm definitely going to have to check them out.

Felicity said...

I love the nail polish colour, it's really great!

KDC Events said...

I have never tried Rimmel...But if you say it is fab then I am gonna go get some and give it a whirl!

The TB summit was a blast!!!

Denice (beauty Chat)

Askmewhats said...

wooohoooo!!! the dark purple nail polish looks FREAKINGLY HOT!!! love it!!!! and the hauls look promising!

yummy411 said...

@ nywele: what an addiction it is! glad to hear that you love some of the blushes and to know which blush works for you!

@ marsadie: thanks! i love this polish. i call it lavendar milk. i've gotten it twice on my nails so far! ok.. i've just done extensive google e-search on the brand that i 'think' it is and the opi polish i saw at planet beauty in LA that was a dead on match. but i cannot find a name or brand. when i go back to the nail shop i will definitely write it down (versus committing it to my bad memory) and report back!

@ makeupbyrenren: i've been trying to get away from the dark colors as i like brights and other colors for spring and summer but some dark shades always call me back! slvrlips complains about her a-design and other companies not really making good tapered blending brushes lol. so hard to find! i found a fold up chair at ikea for pretty cheap, but the lamp i'm not sure what'll be my preference... if you find anything let me know.

lipliners? funny you ask as my next hunt is going to be for best drugstore lipliners! so far i've definitely gotten away with chestnut, cork and cushy-- each working like a charm everytime for the natural lipliners... i'll actually have to check out mothbrown though! we'll keep each other posted? ;)

@ lacroix: def do so! i'm going to do more of a review on them soon! so keep an eye out for that!

@ felicity: thanks!

@ kdc events: hey denice!! rimmel has it's good and bad. the liners are gorgeous like i mentioned, but they definitely rubbed off. do check back to see how they fared for me in another post coming soon!

@ askmewhats: nikki, i was excited to find that picture as i haven't wanted to mess up my toenail or fingernail colors to test it, but it's soooo preeety in the bottle! can't wait to try it.

Tammy said...

I just saw a purple nail polish like that OPI at Walgreens in the Sally Hansen line..I resisted buying it yesterday but I think - no I know- I must buy it soon..very soon!! =)
Love your blog!! And thanks for the add!

Anonymous said...

She gave you the wrong blush?!? Girl, you are too polite! If that was me, I'd have taken the first flight back there, dragged my ass to Planet Beauty, beat that chick to death with the blush, then used her blood as a lipstain or something.

IDK, but it really pisses me off when people do stuff like that. You should at least write a letter to them, explaining the situation and asking them to correct it; if they refuse, ask them if they KNOW WHO YOU ARE... Mwuahaha!

Delphine said...

so sorry about the blush mix up! that sucks... there's go to be Cargo PR out here, hopefully they'll respond to the dilemma. Stuff costs too much, sometimes I dont look but some times I do. They just start sticking stuff in a bag and don't show you what you're getting. It's a great reason to shop online!

Virtuous Blue said...

my goodness...I am absolutely in love with that nail color. Usually I am quite against chucking out more that 5 bucks for nail polish, but for a color that sexy I just might have to give in lol.


yummy411 said...

@ tammy: thanks tammy! tell us all about the polish when you get it!

@ mandypandy: oh girl you got me scared! LOL i feel like writing a letter because that's how much i wanted the $20+ blush! grrrr

@ delphine: i know right! LOL

@ virtuous blue (kenya): you've gotta check out if i remember correctly opi polishes there are $4.99 or something like that...

SuzieC said...

That blush is pretty! You know I love the polish! I like the Rimmel liners but I'm slightly scarred by Rimmel after my experience with their eye glisteners.

Anonymous said...

Girl, write that letter or I'll have to write it for you! Nobody puts Kia in a corner!

Plus, you're Yummy411: beauty blogger extraordinaire! Planet Beauty should be falling all over themselves to fix the problem.

sarahPUFFY said...

UGH I LOVE MY ROME BLUSHER. Laguna was actually next on my list, along with uhm...I think Catalina! I like that I'm getting blush and a highlight in one with these things. Its seriously the best.

And if you're still on a bronzer hunt, I'm thinking of trying MACs Refined Deeper bronze [but for a contour]. Maybe one of the bronzer shades could work for you?