Friday, June 06, 2008

Yummy411: Go Mommy Go!- Get Your Feet Summer Ready

This post is for Muthasfynest!
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Anyone else amazed at how fast Spring has gone by and Summer is right upon us? Many of us, especially our mommies on the go, haven't been able to make time to get that much needed 'out of winter' pedicure. You may have cheated and faked a pedi for your peep toes, but with the weather heating up to 90 degrees in my area, you have to go full on flip flops and sandals, exposed heels and all!

Let's try a quick fix until you get to the nail salon!

1. The day before you plan to wear your sandals, head to CVS or your local drugstore and invest in a PedEgg ($10, After checking out that link, are you a believer? Be sure to use on dry feet!

2. Clean your tootsies (scrub and clean around and under nails thoroughly). Pull out your old faithful Vaseline/petroleum jelly and moisturize feet. Sleep with socks on. Have sock phobia? Use a minty scrub and rub with an essential oil.

3. Next day, give your toe nails a good filing and polish over those babies with NYC Nail Glossies in #215 ($1.99), Linen, a sheer off white, cream color with minute silver shimmer that gives the cream a nice shine. Use 1-3 coats for your desired opaqueness (I use 3). Using a nude, subtle white color gives a fresh appearance without drawing too much attention to the feet if polish chips.

4. Schedule a pedi to start the summer off right!

Go Mommy Go!
If you have any other suggestions and or product recommendations for feet care for mommies on the go or other busy ladies in demand, leave them in the comments!


PBW said...

I'm going to pick up a Ped Egg tomorrow. It's time for me to exchange my sneakers for flip-flops.

nywele said...

yay for the go mommy go series!
I want a Ped Egg too!!! I'll swing by CVS this weekend...thanks for the review and link :)

Dominican Enigma said...

I'm obsessed iwth the Ped Egg. it is so amazing

Divine Blackness said...

Everyone is all over that Ped Egg. I don't even need to get up on that b/c my feet are already too raw from my obsession of scrubbing them. HA! I'm all over the at home pedi-s. I do one every week!

Sass said...

girl get out of my brain! i just did this the night before last..right down to the polish choice. go mommy go!

yummy411 said...

@ pbw: let us know how you like the ped egg!

@ nywele: thanks girl! i really appreciate the love! let us know if the pedegg works for you or not.

@ dominican enigma: yay! 1 for the ped egg!

@ divine blackness: ooh raw?? nooo... gotta leave some skin on your feet girl! lol

@ sass: lol!! that is too funny. what polish did you use? did you use the nyc??

SuzieC said...

I walked past it thinking was a joke. Now I want a Ped Egg.

yummy411 said...

hey suziec! yeh $10 isn't bad to check it out.

(g)ezebel said...

i got my toesies done in a royal blue 'cuz a friend said he liked it, then he pissed me the f*ck off, so now my toes are teal with hella teal glitter. i need red glitter...

The Fitness Diva said...

I definitely need one of those right now! Funny how you totally exposed really touching up the "peep toes". I didn't think anybody else was on to that!

Anonymous said...

I use the PedEgg but find that the refills are not as sharp as the originals, sadly.

I really need to give myself a pedicure; my feet are a mess. Sadly, I've never had a salon pedi or mani.

yummy411 said...

@ (g): teal glitter.. bling bling toes huh?

@ the fitness diva: yeh you gotta touch up the big toe; no one else will see the others! LOL! yeh i'm dying to get a pedegg!

@ mandypandy: what are you waiting for? you totally need to indulge one day on a professional pedi. nothing wrong with diy.. but sometimes you just need to relax!

Product Junkie Diva said...

The ped egg ROCKS!!!
Product Junkie Diva

yummy411 said...

pjd! yay another one for the pedegg!

Anonymous said...

The ped egg is LIKE DAT! Seriously, I have been trying everything on my feet and I get pedicures regularly. Ladies it was worth the $9.99.


Anonymous said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this thing. I carry it in my purse for quick fixes. Well worth the $10.00!


yummy411 said...

@ muthasfynest: i soooo happy!!! you'll have to update us when you have to get refill blades for it.

@ MsTai33: again! i'm so excited.. i love those as seen on tv contraptions!