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Yummy411: BCI 4th Annual Celebrity Makeup Symposium, Pt.2!

Ladies, I now give you part 2 of the BCI 4th Annual Celebrity Makeup Symposium!
If you missed the first installment, please check it out so that you don't miss out on any of this wonderful info brought to you by our fabulous correspondent Tawanna!: BCI 4th Annual Celebrity Makeup Symposium

Symposium Pt. 2

Valenté Frazier – HD Makeup
Mr. Frazier’s class was to me the highlight of the symposium. He started the class by instructing us that because of the conversion over to the new HD television technology, it will demand that makeup artist perfect their makeup application on their client other wise imperfections will definitely show up on HD television. He added that every flaw in your makeup application can and will be seen on HD television so it’s vital that your application be flawless or your makeup career will be over, you can forget about that show calling you back!!! His key point throughout his entire demonstration was that foundation was the most important element to your HD makeup application.

He instructed to keep your colors warm with HD. Using orange just to warm cheeks. Start at the ear when contouring and use shimmer on the cheeks but never all over; unless you want the grease ball look :)

He emphasized that as an artist you should learn to apply makeup quickly. He mentioned that you want to use a finely milled powder when setting foundation such as; Laura Mercier (beige) and he added that less is best when it comes to powder.

Tanna Jackson – Bridal Makeup
Mrs. Jackson was not present she had a piece to do with Fox 5 News in the Morning on the Symposium, so Wykethia (I believe that’s how you spell her name) former MAC consultant was present to demonstrate a bridal look for us.
She said that when you meet with the bride for your consultation, you should have your face done, but natural, not over the top!!

She mentioned that no trend makeup should be used on a bride, let the makeup be natural. If the bride asks for trend, then give her whatever she asks for, but absolutely no red lipstick even for an evening bride.

The bride should look timeless. It’s important to sanitize your hands in front of your client prior to you beginning. She gave us a tip to use the Walmart Makeup wipes. A cheaper alternative and better than baby wipes because baby wipes tend to be too oily and if your client has oily/acne prone skin, it is not a good combination!

She used concealer under the brow to highlight under the brow. She also mentioned that it’s good for the bride to have her brows waxed at least 3 days prior to the wedding day to ensure that any reactions can clear up before her big day.

The artist should put the shadow on prior to the foundation application to avoid cleanup from eyeshadow fallout. Use concealer as base on the lid prior to applying eyeshadow. Use a dark color in the crease and a fluffy brush to blend out harsh lines.

She used the MAC Girl/Boy brow set for her “brides'” brows. She stated that it’s best to fill in spots where there’s no hair within the brow instead of lining the entire brow, this makes your bride look too harsh.

She began by spot concealing her “bride” by using a MAC orange eyeshadow prior to airbrushing the face (She told us that orange/red will cancel anything dark on the face.) Then she began to use the Kett airbrush machine (I absolutely love this machine; I want to get one and be trained to use this thing so bad – the machine makes no sound whatsoever!)

Later, Mrs. Jackson returned to class and was able to answer our questions before we broke for our next class. She told us that we should carry Cortisone 10 or Neosporin with us. She gave us a trick for puffy eyes: by using a few drops of Visine on a makeup sponge and freezing it overnight, the next day when you arrive to prepare your bride, placing those sponges right under her eyes will make the puffiness go away!

Richard Pelzer – Mega Management Inc. – Business of Makeup
He spoke on the art of negotiation; and described what the role an agency plays in managing a makeup artist. Generally, he spoke on consulting a CPA or Lawyer when it comes to setting up your makeup business as LLC or Sole Proprietor.


Danessa Myricks
Love Danessa, her work is amazing – she started off mentoring us by teaching that you want to be able to show a good picture with your work and that application is key.

Shimmer/highlighting makes area look enlarged “makes pop out.”

Know your model, evaluate who your working with….Evaluate the texture, know her skin.

Make a determination about skin and contouring first before you start.

Do your makeup in the light that the photographer will be shooting in…(i.e., if the shoot is outside, do the makeup outside, etc.)

Make sure everything you need is in place (i.e., bring light with you, bring makeup stool with you, have a fold out table in the trunk of your car)

Communication is key, ask brides to bring images of what they are looking for on their wedding day.

Speed is critical and time is money; be able to finish a face in 30 minutes. (Time is more important in this industry.)

Lighter: pushes forward
Darker: appears smaller and recesses the area; more pushed back
Reflective: MU will make area more prominent

Variations in your portfolio; your work should be versatile; never put yourself in a box.

Sam Fine
Brilliant artist! His kit looked like a small doctors bag. He pretty much opened the floor to any questions that we wanted addressed and he was so willing to answer whatever we wanted to know. Then he began to demonstrate his work on a model. He literally recreated her face using foundation and just added just a little bronzer to give her that “kissed by the sun” look.

Overall, the symposium was extremely informative and if you didn’t attend this year, it’s definitely worth checking out next year just to gain insight on the industry from people that don’t mind sharing information with people like us.

About our correspondant Tawanna B:
With makeup becoming a major passion of mine, that seems to intensify every year, I decided to get my license. Currently, I'm an administrator for the Federal government, but working for Uncle Sam is not my long term career goal. Right now, I want to use my skills locally working at a House of Ruth or at the Amercian Cancer Society , to build women's self esteem and teach cancer survivors about looking their best despite recovering from an illness. I further aspire to do makeup for a news channel or a local magazine and grow in the industry.

I want to give a huge thank you to Tawanna B for sharing all of her info and pictures with Yummy411 and our reader community. She was generous enough to digest and condense all of that wonderful knowledge over a few days and put it all into 2 posts, spending some time as a blogger. Thank you so much Tawanna!!

If you all have any questions for Tawanna please leave them in the comments!


nywele said...

Thank you so much Tawanna for this informative correspondence! How do you go about to get a license in make-up? do you need to go to beauty school first? Can anyone attend the symposium?
thanks :)

t brown said...

Nywele: Anyone can attend the symposium, according to Mr. Bennett, next year's will be held at the DC convention center. Be sure to call Bennett Career Institute now so that they can add you to their email announcement list, that way when the event is announced you can already start preparing yourself for the symposium. You don't necessarily have to attend classes to get a mu license, in Maryland their doing away with licensing so they won't be distributing licenses after Oct 1, 2008. Just work at a counter like Macy's for a few months and then provide your required documentation to the maryland licensing board before Oct 1st and then your on your way....

yummy411 said...

Tawanna, that applies to licensing in just MD right? Nywele should check with her state? Also, how much does it cost to attend the conference and what all comes with the fee of attendance/ticket?

A Caramel Goddess said...

I got lost once I read "no red lipstick on a bride." I must disagree. I will be wearing red on my wedding day because it is a classic color and prettier than peach or brown. I suppose that would work if you wanted to look like every other bride. But you can stand out and be a timeless beauty.