Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yummy411: Heatherette Roundup!

Most of you were uber excited about this collection? Did it live up to it's hype?

I played into my mental excitement, but the tiny little display didn't get much love from the counter I visited. Trying to be in the pink Heatherette mood, I went ahead and took a chance at a couple of items: Melrose Mood (only during a Heatherette event would I mingle with a lipstick like this), the pale pink lipstick... a la Proenza Pink. I got my first love of the collection, Lollipop Lovin. Isn't the name too cute to pass up? Lastly, I picked up the gold reflects glitter since I missed out on it during holiday '07 and the Antiqued Gold Reflects glitter didn't quite meet my expectations. Still debating on the 3D glitter ;)

I want to go back for more.. the packaging, the packaging!! So, since I want something else, can you all recommend something?? I thought about the beauty powder in Smooth Harmony (1- re promote from the highly acclaimed Diana Ross collection, 2- I'm a beauty powder whore and the Fafi ones didn't rub me the right way, 3- I'm tired of bronzers. I want something else..more!)

Other things, I passed up on and why-
-Bonus Beat l/g- looked like c thru with shimmer
-Fleshpot l/s- Concealer will do
-Sock Hop- another cream coral.... anything special about this? I have Petite Four from sweetie cakes, which is a pinky coral. I thought I'd use that (since I've barely touched it) as a sub.
-the hot pink l/s and l/g- on my b2m list.. I thought I got the bright fix from Fafi?
-Smooth Harmony BP- another bronzer type powder? I've barely touched my beloved Warmed MSF
-Alpha Girl BP- too bright of a baby pink for me
-Eye shadow palettes- the green in Trio 1 reminded me of shimmermoss (I see Brit and I think alike!) Trio 2, basic colors that I think I have
-Liners- glitter liners.. I'm over after the holidays and have barely touched that set
-3D silver glitter--- love it, but scuuuurrred. I'm over 18. Can I rock it?!
-nail lacquer in $$$ Yes- gotta have. Don't quite remember the other.

Are these estimations correct? (I'm always looking for someone to talk me into buying something LLOLOL!)

Fafi- great with the selections and variety of color
Heatherette- best packaging!
Barbie- excelled in both categories hands down!

Check out The MAC Fetish to hear about Erin's fabulous and funny Heatherette experience!

I think this will curb my excitement for collections. I do however stay amped for collections with HOT packaging!!!

What did you love/hate? Tell me! Help me to pick out some other stuff?! Past collection must haves???


nywele said...

hey again. I wasn't feeling Heatherette also. I was hyperventilating for Fafi and when it came out and i saw it i was so disappointed. In the mail, I should be getting flash n dash and the style minx lipglosses. If i don't like them, then no fafi no heatherette for me. The best collection for me was c-shock. unfortunately i was on a budget and away for part of the summer and i got nothing. By the time, i got back, everything was sold out. i am not sad since i know that some of the colors might come back as a repromote. In regards to MAC, i don't try to keep with their collections because i'll just go broke!!! have you seen how they've been releasing them. I would have to take a loan to keep up with them

yummy411 said...

hey amina! i wasn't totally impressed with fafi.. at first... but the more i checked it out and played in it, i was satisfied. i really wanted the beauty powders to be on point, but oh well. the new collection of paint pots tickled my fancy and whimsical blush made me smile! i hope that something will interest you soon enough.. whenever the pockets are ready ;)

Shana said...

This is my 1st time commenting, but I just LOVE your site! For Heatherette I behaved and only picked up 4 things (LOL @ "only") I got the Style Minx lipglass and the Hollywood Nights lipstick, the Pink Pearl pigment (I dont think this was exclusive to the Heatherette launch but they did have it on the display and the Black Funk/Pop Blue glitter pencil. I think the packaging and colors got me this time around. I played around with the Hollywood Nights a bit by layering it with, of all things, Spring Bean lip glass and I THINK Currant liner. The Spring Bean toned it down a bit but it was still a bold look. I think I can pull it off though on one of my more adventurous days. I went to the Heatherette event at MAC G'towne and wondered if I would see you there, but alas I didnt. It was a nice event!

MACa6325xi said...

I thought Heatherette was one of the worst collections in a long time. I refused to buy anything. I'm glad I saved my money. Some of the summer collections look better.

yummy411 said...

@ shana: thank you so much! thanks for commenting and sharing with us. nice haul and recommendations!!!!! you should have told me that you were going, i would have def come. i was going to attend, but i had already bought what i thought i wanted on the release date =/ let us know how the other items work out! i'm very curious!

@ maca6325xi: aww sorry the collection disappointed you. the summer collections do have some nice stuff coming out. what are you looking forward to?