Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yummy411: FAFI!

Ladies, ladies!
FAFI is in stores now!

Over in the poll, you guys said that Fafi will be a better collection than Barbie. Now that it's out, are you guys right? I said Barbie would be the better collection... Chime in and let me hear your thoughts.

So, my haul:
Fafi eyes 2
Fascinating eye khol
High Top l/s
Not So Innocent l/s
Fun 'n Sexy l/s
Totally It l/g

My thoughts:

I didn't do any swatches or anything because a lot of other bloggers have done wonderful jobs with swatches. Check out Mrs. Lynne or Karen for details.

I passed on the Fafi eyes 1 because the colors are basic and 2 are repromotes. Granted I don't have them, but I know they are there. Hey, the champagne color in the quad looks exactly like Naked Lunch. I swatched them together. A part of me wants to get all of it now while it's in one package, as I do need to replace my Naked Lunch-- the only shadow that I've hit the pan on LOL Fafi eyes 2 has 3 lustre colors I believe. I HATE lustres!! However, an MA used the colors and they looked great. So I picked it up!

Fascinating eye khol.. I know, I know.. but my wet n wild serves well for every day looks, but when I want to be on and poppin for an evening look, Fascinating is up to the plate. My wet n wild fades, which is okay (it doesn't completely disappear), but I like drama sometimes with my looks.

The lipsticks- great great colors, but since they are glazes the pigmentation is a touch off and will ahve to be applied more than usual. What do I mean? When I tried to apply my Totally It lipglass over my Fun 'n Sexy lipstick, the lipstick shifted, not providing the full coverage. I wanted to add just a touch of gloss for added shine, but.. it all melded together. It's okay, but not preferred. I will probably use the lipstick by itself. Not so innocent seems like more of a frost (sorry I'm being too lazy to look it up) so it stayed better than the others. Fun 'n Sexy, a hot fuschia pink with blue duochrome? Think a 3d lipglass, but in a glaze lipstick formula... hot! Hight top lipstick- a deep berry with green reflects/shine.. awesome!! I'm so excited about this because it's so different! Not So Innocent- a pale pink with pink/gold duochrome/shimmer. Love this as a base color under a lipglass or with some pigment for more dimension.

The lipglass- Totally It was just a nice hot pink with some dimension. Different enough to add to the collection.. besides it's Fafi!

Other products:

Blushes- sheertone blushes... nice pigmented and matte. First brush on the cheek totally sheer, but added layers give a total burst of color. Be careful, it can be subtle or over the top Fafi. I think I'll be going back for these although, for a hot pink blush I've been lusting over Dollymix. Dollymix just has some shimmer and more dimension that the Fafi blushes. The blushes are fun to have and will do great for darker skintones!

Iridescent Pressed Powders- I own Belightful, which gives a nice sheen. A heavy hand and up close, it can cast a gray look (the silver sheen in it). Go light and use a #187 stippling brush. Beautiful! The others? Highly disappointed! The colors are sheertones again (reminds me of the beauty powders from balloonancy) but these have huge random glitter. When she put it on the high of my cheek, the glitter looked like bad fall out from maybe glitter on my eye. That type of thing... booo! I passed.

Paint pots- basic colors-- light pink, light tan... There was a turquoise color Rollickin, but I have two pots of Delphic fluidliner that could serve as the same base as I would use the paint pot for. I might however go back for Nice Vice and Perky. I'm going to give paint pots another go, as I've avoided them because they creased on me once when I used it as a base. This time I'll be trying UDPP under it and see how it works.

Smouldering I do not own and now I feel like I need it as part of my MAC staples... umm maybe LOL. Utterly Frivolous l/s and Cult Fave l/g is on the radar too, but they aren't must haves.


Yeh, it's kinda bootleg. The boxes, I can deal, but the labels wrapped around the top of a lip glass tube? Damn MAC. Oh well! I was enjoying the ride of the hype.


Barbie reigns! It's a cool collection. Lippies and paint pots (if you're into them) are worth it. Congrats Fafi on another cool achievement!

And now on to the FOTD!



Airmist foundation

Mineralized Skinfinish Natural


Fafi eyes 2 quad

yellow on lid

orange in crease

Beauty burst on outer v

Magic Dust as highlight under browbone and inner corner

mystery eye khol to line upper lid

Fascinating eye khol on wet line

blue from Fafi quad on bottom lash

Loreal Voluminous mascara

Bobbi Brown foundation as concealer


(whoa nelly! experimentation)

Orange Twink Glimmer shimmer

Sincere blush mixed with a touch of Ben Nye Azalea eye shadow (hot pink)

Belightful IPP


Not So Innocent l/s

Fab n Flashy e/s

Totally It l/g

(my lips match a bit too much with my eyes for my taste, but IRL it was a beautiful blend of pink and orange)

Fab n flashy is hot on the lips! Rockin this in the summer!!! Check it out on the lips w/o Totally It l/g:


BabyDoll said...

Well, I am not sure how much my opinion matters because I have missed out on Barbie and have yet to make it to our MAC Counter to experience FAFI in person...I'm on way though! I think you may be right about Barbie being the top contender. However, I still think FAFI is cool too.

I LOVE YOUR EYES!!!! They came out gorg!

nilla cookie said...

Awesome review of the collection! I feel the same way about the lippies, the colors are fun and multidimensional. They were the stand outs for me.

Girl, you gotta get Perky and Nice Vice, they're so pretty! And yes, the beauty powders and packaging were HUGE disappointments! :(

Love the lips on you, perfect for summer!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

Divine Blackness said...

Mannnn, you are workin' that lippie, Yums. I didn't think that many of the lip sticks would compliment my brown skin. I mean, at alllll. But I have to go back and play around some more. Sometimes you need a second look. I loathe lustres too which made me pass on FE2. And hell ya you're right about that bootleg packaging. What a rip. Fafi was coo but bring on Heatherette!

Seymone said...

Hey Yummy... That color looks hot on you. Your FOTD is hot.
I had to go return Vervacious and just kept Sassed Up. Your making me want to get Fascinating. As divine blackness said bring on heatherette.

yummy411 said...

@ baby doll: hey chica! yeh i agree with you. when you check out fafi, let me know what you think!

thank you!!

@ nilla cookie: thanks! aren't the lipsticks fun?

i'm sure i'll get the paint pots ;)

thanks! happy valentine's day to you too =)

@ divine blackness: yes lustres do suck but with some udpp anything is possible! LOL

please do go back and check out the lippies.

sadly, i feel that heatherette will be similar in pink packaging =/

@ seymone: i was fighting the urge to get fascninating, but fafi confirmed it. glad i have it!

oh tell me why you returned one and kept the other.. what did you like or dislike about them???

Mrs. Lynne said...

This is gorgeous yummy!! I tried white liner on the waterline once and could not pull it off but this is giving me hope! It made me look surprised when I wasn't, lol.

Glad to see you enjoying your new toys!

yummy411 said...

mrs. lynne- thanks chica!! try out the white liner again. i think what i've learned is that you should have something dark under it on the lashline or lashes to counteract the brightness. i always put either a dark brown in my lashline or mascara on my bottom lashes.

Coffee said...

Hey Yummy....I know I'm late, but I just picked up the Fun N' Sexy L/S.....HAWT HAWT HAWT!!!!! PURE FIRE! I love it! I've honestly NEVER purchased a lipstick IN MY LIFE (I'm a gloss lips are WAY too full for L/S...I look like a whore! LOL) But I couldn't pass this up...I put a lil clear gloss on top EXTRA DOPE!!!

yummy411 said...

hey coffee! fun n sexy is hot! the texture is very lip gloss-ish. i'm glad you love it! there's been such disappointment with this line, i'm glad you could find something that you absolutely love =)

Anonymous said...

That look is soo sexy on you. I have figure out how I'm going to do it!

yummy411 said...

thanks juvenescent! can't wait to see your version!

Sminkan said...

Well, I must say your lips got beautiful colour here! Very nice with your skintone and definitely eyecatching! Loved the look on you!

Yannize said...

babygirl i love your face! And I went to town on some damn fafi u hear me! to town! But i didnt get that lipstick,,,
But I will now!


Anonymous said...

Hey Yums!

I showed the link of your picture to someone on my messageboard. She was excited about orange lips coming back.

She wants to know how long the combination lasted before you had to touch up?? Thanks!

And of course I thought this was hot as did she.

yummy411 said...

@ sminkan: thank you so much! thanks for stopping by my blog. hope to see you around again =)

@ yannize: thank you! LOL! i want to know what you got!!!! the lipstick is actually a pink pearled whitish lipstick, but i put orange eyeshadow over it! try it out!

@ juvenescent: oh wow thanks! unfortunately, i did this look just for the blog so I didn't wear it out or for a long period of time. since i used a lipstick under the orange shadow and a gloss over, i'm sure it'll last as long as a regular mac lipstick and gloss would. thanks again!

atique said...

you looks really fresh... the lipstick.. and the eyes.. so sexy :) i like your make up...

Glossy said...

Whoa! This look is rockin! :)

yummy411 said...

thanks Glossy!.. and thanks for dropping by!

yummy411 said...

atique: thank you!!!! i appreciate it ;)

Anyaposh said...

your lips look great with that orange. I think I might just have to try it out!

yummy411 said...

thanks anyaposh! try and let me know what you think!