Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yummy411: 80's Look Challenge!

Are you interested? Lakahna came up with a great idea for us beauty bloggers and friends to do an 80's makeup challenge. Show your interest for an 80's themed beauty blogger challenge by leaving a comment or emailing us by Feb22. If 10 people or more agree to the challenge, then it's a go! We'll post/contact you to inform you that you will be a participant. Tentative posting date for the 80's themed look is March 31st. If successful, we'll shoot for themes once per month!
What do you say?! (Great idea Lakahna!)


the Muse said...

blue mascara anyone?


Beautyful Habit said...

hey lady sounds great i am not sure what the guidelines are but please let me know i would love to participate!!!

nilla cookie said...

Sounds like fun! Count me in :)

Divine Blackness said...

I've been so ghost to Blog World USA, Yums. Just moved and slowly gettin' over the flu. Yuck.

But def count me iiiin.

yummy411 said...

@ the muse: liner too! it's an 80's party =)

@ beautyful habit: no guidelines really. if we get enough people, we'll just all post our looks on the same day (maybe get the word out before hand) and link each other.. just some blogger comaraderie (sp?)=)

@ nilla: yay! i'd love to see you in 80's style!

@ divine blackness: i know! we miss you! that move wore you out huh? get better soon love! yes another one in!

Seymone said...

Hey Hey.. Count me in. I have to research some 80's look, but I am definitely down.

This may seem strange but I use a crease brush to put Metal X on the lids. HTH

What do you think about the 223? I bought the 223 because they were out of 222.

Seymone said...

Oops forgot.. I found my HG mascara, which is Volume Define a Lash (maybelline.. That makes my lashes look like falsies. Sometimes I use Diorshow and then Define a Lash..

Mike said...

I am contacting you through this contact form as there was no email address available.
We would be interested in purchasing advertising on your blog. Please get back to me using the email address I have entered if you would be interested in discussing this further.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Sounds like a great idea!!

BabyDoll said...

This is a fun idea! I love the 80's!

yummy411 said...

MIKE: please email: darbyki18@msn.com (I can't retrieve your email address that was provided)

Mrs. Lynne said...

I'm in! Thanks for the heads up on the dates. You know I gotta know ahead of time to plan, lol. Can't wait to see the guidelines!

Oh, and just to catchup, I love your FOTD! Very pretty ma! And the CG foundation looks like it works wonders although your model did look great beforehand anyways :)

Take care hun!

yummy411 said...

BGG and babydoll: so does that mean you guys are participating??? if you want, you can email me your pics so that i can feature them..


are you guys just interested in seeing the looks? ;p

yummy411 said...

@ seymoone: hola! yay! check over at lakahna's page where she gives some info on '80's looks too!

wow really? are you using the 223 for the metal x shadows? did you see my post on blending brushes where i go into detail about the blending brushes? i think the 223 is a more contoured 224. i don't own it though, but it sure is pretty! =)

i'll have to check out volume define a lash! i want lashes thick and dark like yours!

@ mrs. lynne: yay another one in! no guidelines. we'll just post on the same day and link to other participants. cool?

thanks love! the CG trublend foundation is an interesting concept and product. i likey =)

rocketqueen said...

Hi yummy! Wow, you have done some serious posting lately! Loving it!

I would love to join in on the challenge, if I may? I can't see your email since my email program on the computer is rubbish, but I'm commenting here so you know I'm in! Can't wait, hope 10 ppl will join!


yummy411 said...

i thought i replied rocketqueen. yes, this counts and we're counting you in!! thanks!