Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Yummy411: Blog Interrupted...

EDITED: I put in a lot of hard work and time (which equals worse dark circles and red eyes) into sprucing up the home front system and I think things are back in order. Now, how long will it take for me to catch up, answer emails, etc.? I have no idea. I'm working!

I've been trying to think of posts sans pics, but to me those are so boring =( Not always, but some people are very visual.

Anyhow, many of my posts and ideas have been interrupted by VERIZON DSL service!!! They're making me angrier by the minute by not helping their customer effectively use their service. I'm completely connected, but some glitch is causing me not to actually use the internet. I can't see many of the photobucket pics or keep up with the youtube goodness from my alternate location. I am very sad and hope to resume in the bloglife soon...

Until then....


Vanessa said...

I miss you already!

yummy411 said...

aww thanks vanessa! i think i'm back in business now!

Elle said...

Wishing yummy411 a swift recovery! :)

Beautyful Habit said...

Sooo glad to have you back the blogging world is nothing without you, you know i love coming to check you out its my drug girl bring it back please!!!

mrslanielovesmac said...

Hi! Thank you! No problem about listing the blushes I used for each look. I think I included them on the "face" category. Thanks for checking!

I meant to write this comment on your brush 411 post but oh well. Your post is very interesting. I have the 224SE and it's not soft at all. If you have to choose between the 222 and 224 for starters, which one would you choose? I'm interested in investing for the full sized 224. Thanks! Can't wait to see another post! OH btw, I haven't asked you but I linked your blog. hah!

MakeupWithLakahna said...

welcome back!
its no problem, there's always system issues w/ computers.

hmm I will need your input as well. I don't know how much time people has so maybe a deadline of march 31st sounds good for the 80s look?
We would need at least 10 people to join though.
I was also thinking of FOTD for each holiday, we know people are already starting the V-day FOTD and most looks awesome!
March can be St. Patricks day.
and each monthy, can be different theme I guess, let me know if this sounds good to you?

ps here's my email from work
lsao@insighthealth.com (in case u need to get hold of me)

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

You'd be great even without pictures! :-)

Computers are the best thing ever, but when they act up, they can be SUPER frustrating!

Mrs. Lynne said...

I miss you already too ma!

Coffee said...


Mischo Beauty said...

Glad you're back...BTW, loved your post about the blending brushes! I've added you to my blogroll!!

Mischo Beauty

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear they are giving you problems. I know the feeling. Not internet related but after being a 8yr customer of Dishnetwork they couldn't deliver the proper service when we moved.

Hope they get you back online soon!

yummy411 said...

@ elle: thanks!

@ beautyful habit: thanks! will be back in no time!

@ mrslanielovesmac: we've talked via email.

@ BGG: thank you!!

@ mrs. lynne and coffee: thank you!!

@ mischo beauty: i've added you too!

@ tink: thanks!!! i hate technical problems!

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