Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yummy411: MAC's New Mineralized Skinfinishes Images and Swatches

Just more MAC MSF indulgence since I felt these were the gems of the N Collection (I'm MAC Nw35-7 in the face, so I'm sure my hand is a bit darker)

Warmed MSF-great for a nice, natural glow on brown beauties or a great bronzer for lighter chicas. It warms the skin. I'll use this as a bronzer.

Light Flush- this takes you on a makeup fantasy voyage. A great pigmented pink, with orange-descence (pretty gold, glowy orange.) I couldn't capture it's beauty with my cam. MandyPandy gave some insight that on her fair and cool toned skin, this didn't work out for her, but against warmer skintones she feels it's awesome. Apple Diva said it's 'magical'... I agree. I would buy a backup, but I have quite a few MSF's that I'm no where close to finishing.
You know what, just go into the store and let them put it on you. That's the only way you'll see what we mean. Be sure to be in adequate lighting. Go outside in natural light even!

(Clockwise from top): Light Flush, Northern Lights, and Warmed.

I added Northern Light MSF in there because most who've been following these releases, may be skeptical of Light Flush thinking 'that looks exactly like Northern Light MSF from the Flashtronic collection.' To the naked eye, yes, but swatched... totally different! When I first got NL, I thought, 'a nice pinky highlight' since I don't have many pink blushes. Now, compared to LF, I consider NL a light, subtle, peachy glow. I'm so glad I have both!

(different angle)

Here are the actual pans.
(Northern Light)

(Light Flush, boo not much veining!)

(Warmed, the veining isn't chunky glitter nor is it really any shimmer)

The #187 brush is perfect for MSFs or a super fluffy blusher brush!


Kuuipo1207 said...

Damn it. I was trying to avoid getting these, but they look great! And the only other two MSF's that I have, have chunky glitter in them. Great pics! Thanks for sharing! :)

Coffee said...

Thanks a lot YUMMY!!! Now I have to go get that darn Light Flush MSF....I hope it works for me!

Really bad day... ate a damn pint of Ice Cream. :(

Anonymous said...

Yay, link love! Well, technically it links to some chick named Mickey Lafoy at http://mandypandy.blogspot.com/, but I checked it out and she has a really interesting story. I can totally relate to her as I went through the same back thing in 2003. Heartbreak!

Great pics, Kia! I tried to take a pic of a Light Flush swatch and all I got was a blurry, glittery looking blob. Argh!

Oh well, I'm off to post my findings.

PS: I especially love your Northern Lights swatch; I'm liking NL much more than LF, TBH. I regret not snatching that badboy up when Flashtronic was out. *sigh*

Mrs. Lynne said...

Oh girl, I'm fighting strong to not sink into an MSF frenzy! These lovely swatches are not helping, lol. When I took my swatches, the only ones I kept on staring at were the MSFs. They are gorgeous!!! Thanks for posting this MSF porn for me. It was thoroughly enjoyable :)

Lisa said...

Thanks for these swatches!! I am definitely getting the 2 MSF's from the N collection. When I seen Light Flush from previous swatches on websites, it sort of reminded me of Petticoat when you're looking at it in the pan. Well if Light Flush is the closest thing that I can get to Petticoat & it'll only cost me $24.50, I'm am truly a happy camper :)

christianadivine said...

those are soOooo pretty. *drools* :P thanks for swatching these too! it's so helpful! :D

nilla cookie said...

Hi Miss Kia,

Now it's my turn to tag you! Care to share the contents of your purse on your site? :)

yummy411 said...

@ kuuipo: thank you! i just wanted to share my msf llooove!

@ coffee: i hope it works for you as well. let me know!

awww coffee... i understand. i'll post over at your blog to discuss.

@ mandy pandy: aww i'm sorry! i was off by an 's'!

yes... looking forward to those posts!

NL is pretty and more color conservative than the LF.

@ mrs. lynne: you are welcome! they are much prettier in person, though.. do you agree?

@ lisa: hi lisa! i looked up some petticoat swatches just now and i agree they look very much alike. i missed out on petticoat, so if they are in fact close or even the same, i'm super glad that i got it!

@ christianadivine: you're welcome! but believe me (if you haven't seen them yet)... LF is so much prettier in person AND it's awesome for us girls that LOVE color!

@ nilla cookie: hey! i'm tagged! thank you.... well sure! when i first started this blog, that was supposed to be one of my first posts! LOL

rocketqueen said...

Oooh, thanks for sharing! I got the Light Flush from Ebay and still waiting! Do you think Warmed will be too dark for me, NC15? I wonder...

Afrodite said...

I checked out the N Collection yesterday.

I have to say I fell in love with the 5N lipstick, (is that the name?!?) that plummy, sheer brown. That is.. until I saw it on my skin and it just looked terible and made me look washed out. I guess I am not a lipstick girl. The guy at MAC tried to explain that it's a generational thing. He's right but I still wanted my lipstick, sigh...

Oh and I steer clear of any MAC face products (as does Divine Blackness). Wooooooo, that will 'eff some skin up! But if it works for you...

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Thanks Yummy for this post!! I LOVE blushes/bronzers. I'll check some of these out.

MakeupByRenRen said...

great post...i got both the warmed and light flush too...to die for! at first I wasn't sure what to do with warmed but now I figure it can be used as an all overglow...since I'm tan it wasn't really showing up...now i just stick it everywhere...kinda wish I had northern lights too! lol, thanks again sweety, very informative

yummy411 said...

@ rocketqueen: i think warmed applied with the 187 or a very light hand will work!

@ afrodite: sorry about your disappointment with the lipstick. i understand your being partial to the face products... i'm sure other lines like laura geller's marbled blushers are just as great or even better than MAC's.

@ bbg: hey! doooooo check them out!

@ makeupbyrenren: thanks! i can't wait to see your fotds using the prods!

swtginbug said...

hey girl!!! i've miss ya! i've been keeping up with your blog... i love light flush. so pretty!!! I am gonna try and keep on updating my blog from now on, i've had to stop for awhile due to school and work. school starting again soon too. sucks. see ya around girl!

Elle* said...

I have to get one of these. Would they work with a Kabuki brush?

yummy411 said...

@ swtginbug: yay! thanks for keeping up with me. i've missed your blog too. i know how busy things can get, so give me a shout out every once in a while so we can know you are okay!

@ elle*: yes you do! good question! the warmed msf i would consider, with a light hand especially. with light flush msf, i would not because it's super shimmery and not something you'd want to pack on and buff which is what the kabuki will do. if you try it, let me know if that works for you or not ;)

Danyelle said...

Thank you soooo much for posting this!!! I tried the light flush and its so pretty on my nc45-50 skin. XOXOXOXOXO, lol :)

Danyelle said...

Thank you sooooo much for swatching these!!! I tried on the light flush and I had to have it!