Sunday, November 04, 2007

Yummy411: Yummy411 Wants to Know!

Hey ladies (and gents)! Just wanted to know a few things from you all to help better this site. Your input is greatly appreciated!

a- How did you find Yummy411?
b- What do you like about Yummy411?
c- What would you like to see (or see more of) on Yummy411?

Please leave your responses in the comments or email me @Yummy411!



Talysha said...

Hi Kia!

I found Yummy411 by looking through a blogroll of another fave site of mine (can't remember which one at the moment though!) What I like most about Yummy411 is the personality and the personalization. We really get a sense of who you are through your opinions and your experimentation with various makeup looks. Lastly, if anything, I would love to see more tutorials on Yummy411.

Great site! Keep it up!

Spotlight On Style!

Baby Doll said...

I found yummy through the feature on my girl's hand bags. I really like your site because I am a make up/beauty fanatic and I like the personal touch that you give to each post. I'll have to co-sign with the previous comment and say more tutorials or more exclusives on beauty products would be nice.

Keep up the good work! Your blog is fab!

nilla cookie said...

Hey there!

I probably came across Yummy through another site's blogroll or on the Beauty Blog Network site. I gotta say that I love beauty blogs for all the honest product reviews and previews! You've got all of that so keep up the great work!

Afrodite said...

A) I think I came across your site from another site's blog roll. Clumps of Mascara, I think...

B)I love a good beauty blog! I'm just learning about makeup so these beauty sites are really helping.

C)I think you offer a pretty good selection. I love the baby wipes blog! I never knew I could use baby wipes. Seems simple enough.

yummy411 said...

thanks for your input ladies!!

Divine Blackness said...

a- How did you find Yummy411?
I think I clicked on your link from Specktra.

b- What do you like about Yummy411?
Because she's my friend! LOL, lemme stop. I love the tuts, reviews and honest opinions and articles that is listed regularly on the this blog.

c- What would you like to see (or see more of) on Yummy411?
Um....tuts!! Help a sista out, yo! LOL!

yummy411 said...

thanks b!

browngirlgumbo said...

I found your site thru Style Chile or another fashion site. Maybe it was the Fashion Bomb. At any rate, I'm glad I found it because I love it!

I love your testing of products and letting us know your take on them.

I don't know what I'd like to see more of because you're doing such a great job!