Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yummy411: My Beauty World

Beyonce has a commercial out now promoting her new Beyonce phone; Sprint's Upstage celly with her name across the top. I wonder if special images and ringtones are already downloaded on the phone? Still not interested. Can anyone suggest a reliable and cute pda on Sprint's network?

I visited the Thursday 8th Street Open Air Market with my friend Julie. We got some treats: delicious raw honey (the flavor) gelato; huge cookies the size of my head and I almost bought some gourmet soaps. I know I could make those at home, but sometimes it's much nicer to go somewhere let them do all the mixing, cutting, etc. There were other tasty treats like empanadas, crab cakes and soup, but I have to save something for the next trip.

As you can see, we got another special treat! We got to meet Wolfgang Puck! I hope to taste the fine fare at his new restaurant, The Source, opening up right across the street from my job.. woo hoo!

Keeping things all about beauty, my friend Julie gets her glowing, low maintenance look with the help of Clarins pressed powder that gives her buildable, light to medium coverage. She swears by Lancome mascaras for long, separated lashes.

The weekend before last, Apple Diva made her way over to the DC area for a concert. Of course we had to link up. We met and chatted over food from Cafe Asia (tempura veggies, yum!) Apple Diva had on great makeup behind her chic eye glasses. I wouldn't be able to show you because the images aren't authorized for publication from Apple Diva.. so just know that I told you so! LOL

The first of MAC's holiday collections hit stores this Thursday: Antiquitease.
My 'must see' picks from the collection:

-lipglass: Majestic- yellow gold with gold pearl (frost) -lipstick: Antiquitease- copper with red pearl (frost) -eye shadow: Engaging- pinky beige and yellow gold with rose veining (frost)
-fluidline: Uppity- yellow gold with gold pearl -nail lacquer: Gold Veneer-tarnished yellow gold (Frost)

MAC is coming out with a WHOLE LOT MORE! So keep your eyes open and your pockets protected!

What's on your to- buy list?! I wanna hear!


applediva said...

Girrrl you are too funny!! The Cafe Asia was the spot. It reminded me of the fun restaurants, Mr. Maven and I went to in Cambridge, MA. The tofu was dy-no-mite!! Now, we have to meet up w/ Karen!!

Precious said...

I have to admit,
I haven't been keeping up with MAC's upcoming collections lately. I've been heavily into NAO & Artistry Cosmetics and kind of abandoned the whole "MAC scene". I still use the MAC products I have. They haven't really came out with anything I REALLY like and must have. I still LOVE their blacktrack fluidline and I'll buy more of that.

Baby Doll said...

That Majestic lipglass and gold pearl lipstick sound awesome! I definitely need those two!

Beth said...

I want the fluidline in Uppity! Fabulous name for a fabulous color!

nilla cookie said...

Thanks for stopping by! I really don't understand why any one would want to get the new Beyonce phone. There's no real lure behind it even if you were a HUGE fan. I'm sure you could bootleg those pics and videos as soon as the phone is out - not that any of us would ever do it, of course! ;)

And Wolfgang Puck! I'm SO jealous!

yummy411 said...

grr i started my responses and they were erased =(

@ diva: i agree! when are we going to the west siidde!?!

@ precious: i'm not on it as much anymore. i used to know new products by name and everything. i've been meaning to order the nao mascara at your recommendation. i can't find a retailer in my area that carries the line and it's more expensive than MAC =/

@ baby doll: i'm with you!

@ beth: i love f/l's so i'm excited about uppity =)

yummy411 said...

@ nilla cookie: of course! great blog! yeh i don't see what the big deal is about the beyonce phone.. boo!

yes we met him! woot woot! now i can't wait until The Source opens =)))))

Precious said...

I use to be a mac fanatic and then, I realized there are other great make up companies out there as well.

NAO cosmetics (and as well as Artistry) can't be found at stores. You have to order their cosmetics online either thru my retail site (that's runned by my business) or quixtar and if you don't like the product, they have a great return policy.

If you want/need anymore info,
just e-mail me!

Precious said...

I forgot to add you can also buy these cosmetics from other people who are retailing NAO/Artistry either on their retail site or in person!

I♥M·A·C said...

MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Duos (all)
MAC Uppity Fluidline

not sure yet...i want all of them:P

yummy411 said...

@ precious: hmmm sounds good! i will be contacting you when my old soon to replace the old faithfuls.

@ i?m7a7c: sounds like you'll be purchasing a lot! i can't wait to read reviews =) thanks for dropping by!

applediva said...

I cant wait to hit up the counter on Thursday. I will know for sure what I love.

Divine Blackness said...

LOL @ Beyonce phone. My sentiments exactly.

I swipped Mi'Lady last weekend and ehhh, now I don't know what to do with it. SO I'll def be back for some of those lip glasses and Majestic. I'm back in full swing in Clumps of Mascara. Yay!

yummy411 said...

@ diva: i know i'll see some eotd's!

@b (divine blackness): hey chica! good stuff! i'm glad you are back. thanks for an update on the collection =)

Yannize said...

I went to the Private Reception for Antiquitease on Sunday, and I fell in love with Queen's Sin lipstick, and I cannot remember the name of the gloss to put over it...
the mineralize eye shadow however, lets just say I am happy that I know someone to access to the MAC discount! cuz i will have them all booboo!


yummy411 said...

yay ya ya! thanks for that update. i'll be sure to look out for those when i go =) girl, it's all about a discount =)

karen, makeupandbeautyblog.com said...

Uppity Fluidline, for sure! I have no idea where or when I'm going to use it but it's so pretty.

yummy411 said...

karen i know!!! just like my molten sol liner... speaking of which.. do i really need uppity? =( LOL