Saturday, October 20, 2007

Yummy411: To Mindy with Love!

This is a good brow day. Mindy loves me!

I love her too!
Just when I was about to give up the waxing... she comes along and whips the brows right into shape. It helps that I'm an artist, drawing in the rest, but damn! I love my brows today. Thanks for hooking the brows up Mindy. I just had to share the LOVE! LOL

Used:(all MAC unless stated)
wax from NYC brow kit and Cork e/s with the oh so fab #266 MAC brush.... (208 here I come!)

(I switched it up today!)
Prep and Prime face
Black Opal oil blotting powder in my t zones
CoverGirl Queen collection natural hue cream foundation in rich sand applied with a #187 brush
Mineralized Skinfinish pressed powder in medium dark applied with a kabuki brush

Suntwist and Pearl Sunshine beauty powders (LE)
Sincere blush to contour

The Eye Look:
concealer as base
jete e/s on lid
magic dust e/s on inner corner
CoverGirl trio Shimmering Sands (darkest color) on outer lid
mothbrown e/s in crease and outer v
stubborn brown power point liner
Hot Topic glitter liner in blue on waterline (no glitter what so ever)
the pale blue from the corp de colour Danse quad on bottom lid

soothing beige lip conditioner... didn't know what I wanted to do with my lips at that point

Ben Nye final seal to set the makeup......


Samida said...

I sooo want your eyebrows! I thought I was having a good brow day and then you blew mine out the water!

Anonymous said...

I AGREE, I was told that my eyebrows are sisters not twins but yours are definately twins. GOOD WORK!


Baby Doll said...

Doesn't that make everything great when your brows are right! I mean they are the frame for your face ;o) They look awesome!

yummy411 said...

thanks ladies! i try.. this just happened to be a very good day, so i decided to share.... let's see how the rest of the week goes LOL

Divine Blackness said...

Girl, I WISH my brows were even close to looking as good as yours. They are absolutely beautiful!

enjoysofie said...

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karen, said...

Your brows look GREAT! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Bang out those brows girl!!!

yummy411 said...

@b: thanks girl! your brows are beautiful too, just like yours are supposed to be for you =)

@enjoy sofie: thanks sofie!

@karen and SB (erin): thank you ladies! ahhhh i wish they looked like this all of the time =(

nilla cookie said...

Can you ask Mindy if she has a twin we could go to in San Francisco?! Lookin' good! :)

memphiz said...

Your eyebrows are pretty

yummy411 said...

@ nilla cookie: i'm sure she does, we just don't know where =/ lol

@memphiz: thank you!!!

Tracez of my Lipstick.... said...

I just started reading your blog a couple of days ago, so sorry for the delayed comment but DDAAYYUM. [lol] I am soo jealous of your eyebrows! I like mine (sometimes) but yours are FABULOUS. I'm adding you to my fav blogz strictly based on the fact that you have great eyebrows LOL.

Come by and check me out! I'm new to this whole world of blogging!


yummy411 said...

comments whenever are always good comments! this was def one of the few occasions that i was in love with my eyebrows so i had to share. lol@why i make it to your fav blog list, but i'm glad. i'll add you as well =)

welcome to the blogosphere!