Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tuesday, Upcoming and Around the Blogosphere

It's Tuesday and I remember always having a music list lined up to buy whatever album of whichever artist I wanted to support that week for making music that either made laugh, cry or dance my heart out on the dance floor. My beauty addiction has long taken over my music cravings, though I still need some sound for the soul.

Right now, this is silently playing in my ears and making my head bob:

"I met this girl when I was three years old

And what I loved most she had so much soul

She said, excuse me little homie, I know you don't know me- but,

My name is Wendy and, I like to blow trees and,

From that point I never blow her off.........."

What song and artist is that? Anyone else bopping with me?

Here's some cool stuff from around the blogosphere:

Our blogosphere style vixen, Samida of Stained Couture, put me on to this pump; Vince Camuto 'Lottie' Peep Toe Pump, $119.

Daneen from Spoiled Pretty shows us the most universal flattering hairstyles and how to get them!

I've been totally lusting after this product, the YSL Palette Esprit Couture #2.. but Tia of Shake Your Beauty shows us a comparable palette until I can get my hands on this collector's item!

I love Essence mag and they've come out with Style Diary, a beauty and fashion blog. The media is taking blogs very seriously these days. I knew it was coming sooner or later, but I was hoping they'd outsource some help *smile* Speaking of Essence, I love the 10 Things We're Talking About section which features the hot, controversial topics Black media and culture. Short and concise, it fits me well since I'm a list kind of girl (keeping up with my attention span). Besides it's written by one of my best buds C. Gordy. I'm always looking for more from her and I've found it on Essence.com! I'm diggin in first where she gives Jena 6 some coverage, interviewing with Mychal Bell's mom.

I adore Scandalous Beauty Blog, but Erin is giving us even more MAC coverage by giving it its own site : The MAC Fetish! Yay! For the makeup/MAC heads, it's never enough =) The official launch date is 10/22, mark your calendars!

There's sooo much more out there. Check the right sideline for great blogs, info and the different widgets over there to feed you more great articles!

This was a long weekend, which gave me time for what? more beauty LOL. I can't give you all the scoop at the moment, because I don't have pics of everything.
-I did a fab photoshoot for an up and coming gospel artist.
-I met up with a fellow makeup addict that you all are acquainted with- Apple Diva.
-Some fabulous how- to's that are long overdue (eyebrows and more!)

Stay tuned, I'll be working on the pictures!

An Ode, not really, to one of my fab sisters
(Unfortunately, this ode does not rhyme and you can't sing it... lol)
My sister Toni, recently told me to get on my knees and to lick and scrape every (negative) word I ever said to her about makeup off the ground while she was experiencing one of my makeup addiction highs over breakfast on our Columbus holiday. While we both love beauty, here's the difference between us: At our impromptu breakfast at the College Park Diner (home style, delicious food; a breakfast lover's indulging haven) I was sitting in loose jogging capris, a t-shirt and my quilted hoodie, looking quite busted (with boy in tow) plotting on how to include a beauty run into my busy schedule ahead. She, on the other hand, looked divalicious, with her curls bouncing from her press and curl fresh out of a wrap, a "I-can't-tell-you're-preggo" maternity outfit on (black capris, bubble sleeved satin wrap shirt and gold accessories) AND baby boy in tow! I hadn't even bothered to contemplate earrings as I wore my hood... I constantly think beauty as she wears it with ease (WITH A BABY IN HER ARMS AND BELLY!) Oh well... peeking out from under my hood, that I quickly removed, I eye-ed this scrumptious cutie; tall stature, black jogging suit... a UMD bball player perhaps? Great! Why can't I wear beauty with ease?! For her, it's a habit. An ode, but not really, to you Toni!


karen, makeupandbeautyblog.com said...

That's Kanye's "Homecoming" - my fave CD at the moment.

Can't wait for your upcoming posts, especially the how tos. I always learn something new when I visit your site!

yummy411 said...

Do you think about me now and then?
Do you think about me now and then?
Cause I'm coming home again
Coming home again

ooh i love that song!

i'm glad karen! i find myself on specktra referring ppl to your blog for one thing or another =)

Yannize said...

ummm..kanye is the truth.com
I love him
I am going to a private reception for MAC's holiday line, it is so going down on sunday!

RVAfashionista said...

Aren't longer weekends the best? I miss doing makeup on other people...

rebelleBAP said...

that's that Ye' yall! I wake up to "Good Morning" and "Champion" is my ring tone....

Brittany said...

I love that song! His album is pretty good. My fav songs are "Champion" "Flashing Lights" "GoodLife" and "Drunk and Hot Girls".

Those shoes are adorable. I would buy those and I don't own too many heels.

I love MAC products. I might have to check that site out.

yummy411 said...

@yannize: ooooh you have to blog all about the private reception!

i heart kanye too (right now lol)

@rva fashionista: hola chica! how have you been? good to hear from you =) yes i'm soo glad we have another long weekend coming up! woot woot!

@rebellebap: his album is the hotness right?!

@brittany: thanks for stopping by and commenting. yes i love his cd.. right now i listen to good life, champion and homecoming the most.. until i can get to wal mart and check for an edited version. i usu only listen in the car and if i'm going somewhere, the yumster is riding along... stupid is even a bad word in our house.. so kanye has a filthy mouth LOL

Beautyful Habit said...

oh my goodness i have been eeling kanye since dropout, thats my fave cd right now and homecoming happens to be my number one pick on it of course i know that line!!! you really rock hun you really do!!!

applediva said...

I love, luv, adore, this album. I tell you he makes the beats for my ears. I love most of the songs (smh on Drunk and Hot Girls). I am really digging Bittersweet Poetry right now....

yummy411 said...

@b.h.: just like kanye.. you rock too! thanks hon!

@diva: i have to listen more closely to that track. thanks for the rec =)

karen, makeupandbeautyblog.com said...

aww, I always refer my friends to your site when they want to learn about color!

i have a song for you. do you remember the girl group, "expose" from the late 80s/early 90s?

go onto this link and listen to "let me be the one", I'm sure it'll jog your memory...


applediva said...

I remember expose.... (I know I am only "24") LOL!!!

yummy411 said...

karen and diva: that is so funny! i've heard the song before but i never knew the group! wow.. lol

oh and bittersweet is cool... i just tried to preview it around the babyyum.. grrr mistake! LOL

Sarah said...

kanye west & john legend. i love that some, that part to be specific.