Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Makeup Class: Bennett Career Institute

This past Monday, I attended a free makeup seminar at Bennett Career Institute. A newer institution that has made a name for itself; it's the Howard University of beauty schools in this area. Not only can you take classes on Makeup Artistry, a host of classes are taught: Cosmetology, Barber Styling, Natural Styling and Braiding, Fashion Design and more!

The class was started off by informing and offering us opportunities on getting into makeup and makeup sales through different venues. Soon enough, the real show started. Tanna J, one of Bennett's stars and the Makeup Artistry instructor, showed us how she achieves a well polished and dramatic day look.
  • Apply moisturizer with a foundation brush- oil control lotion if the skin is oily.
  • Work on eyes before foundation (there are other techniques, but this works best).
  • Starting with eyebrows, clean them up using concealer (blend concealer well), shade them with a powder and angled brush or pencil.
  • Use a cream base product for lids (or Urban Decay Primer Potion, or any other base that may be suitable for oily lids).
  • When applying shadows use a patting motion to pack on shadow for more intensity; sweeping your brush across the lids will move the shadow and give a sheerer application. Tanna used a Ben Nye pigment for her lid color.
  • For a pop of color, apply a 'pop' shade in the inner lid (corner).
  • Use a blending brush to apply and blend a matte color in the crease and outer v. Blend well.
  • Tanna's concealer under the brow arch substituted for a highlight color (Sounds like a Yummy411 trick to me! lol)
  • Use a dark liner to line bottom lid and set with a matching powder. (Tanna informed us that lining the bottom lid only was a trend this season, leaving the top lid bright and fresh.)
  • Apply false lashes: snip ends to fit lid, apply glue to lash band, wait 30 seconds for it to become tacky. Anchor the lash in the middle and press for a few seconds to secure ends.
  • Apply foundation (with foundation brush or sponge.) Creamy foundations give medium buildable coverage. Most women of color need more than one color of foundation. Mix appropriately.
  • Tanna used the highlight technique of putting a loose powder two shades lighter than the model's skintone right below her eyes and out to her cheek bones ever so lightly.
  • Set foundation with powder.
  • Apply blush (Tanna lightly mixed three shades.)
  • Line lips with a natural shade of liner and apply a swipe of gloss.
  • All done!

*Items in bold are what Yummy411 took away with her in her back pocket.. gotta try this at home!

Tanna was fantastic answering all of our questions and giving us tips along the way. She's a teacher first and an artist second, so she great at both. I love her!

I truly enjoy attending events at BCI. I can't wait for the Celebrity Makeup Symposium where makeup artists to the stars come out and talk with students and artists alike!


karen, said...

Great tips! I will have to try concealer under the brow arch!

applediva said...

Ben Nye is the shizzle dizzle.. I wished they had more colors. You will be the teacher before you know it!!

yummy411 said...

i hope so girl, cuz i think she was putting us on to a secret when she first told me about BN.. oh no no no! we are true makeup junkies.. we know all about it hon! LOL... but glad to know she uses a lot of products for the class. while i can swing the shadows and blushes, she'll familiarize me with more BN product like foundations, powders, etc!! YAY!

yummy411 said...

@ karen: yes do try and tell me what you think... i use it for a brightening/highlight natural effect

yannize said...

i love makeup classes! the techniques you learn are so amazing! i went to a few mac masters classes and going to mally rancal's on nov 8th at henri bendel...
so that highlighting trick..isnt that just like art i just mastered 30 sec ago? It is always amazing how many products it takes to do a face,,,,

yummy411 said...

yannize... i'm trying to stay in the loop with these master classes, but i can't keep up! this particular highlighting trick i guess can be grouped in the whole contouring of the face technique. i know about the cheeks, the nose and around the perimeters of the face, highlighting the cupids bow.. i wonder if there's more? =)

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

that's awesome yummy! it sounds like it was a great class full of wonderful tips! you're on your way!!

Christine said...

sounds like you had a great time!

Precious said...

Nice tips!
Btw,I love your blog.
You are def. talented with make up!

yummy411 said...

@makeu-up junkie (joy): it was a nice class, to see the basics from a pro, but I want to delve a little further. she's getting together a course for airbrush, advanced bridal, etc. so i'm excited! oh and i'll be on my way when i have my stuff down like you my dear!

@christine: that i did!

@precious: thank you! i'm trying to get on your level.. i love your blog too =)

Traci said...

Thanks for the tips. I usually use a light eye shadow under in the arch of my brow, but now I'll have to give the concealer a try.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, wish I knew about it! I definitely would have been there!

yummy411 said...

@ traci: give it a try! i usually blend in really well for a defined and natural brow =)

@scandalous beauty: i don't know how i forget that you are in my area... you def have to let me know at what MAC counter you'll be working and if you check back here, i'll keep you updated on Bennett events =)

Tia said...

I did my makeup artistry class at BCI to obtain my license. Yea, BCI!

Anonymous said...
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