Thursday, October 04, 2007

Guest FOTD: Slvrlips, MAC Matte Plumage

The new Matte2 collection has debuted at MAC as most of you know (and the real MAC fans know that the Mattene lipsticks are out as well, with the McQueen collection on it's way, if it's not out already.)

While I have been trying out the new mattes, some of us have our old favs. My friend and fellow makeup addict, Slvrlips wanted to try a look with one of my old favorite and first mattes, Plumage. I recommended that she pair it with Shimmermoss (an awesome combo if I may say so myself). Of course Slvrlips did this look justice and it would only be a yummy thing to do to share it with us, right?

Face:Cetphil Lotion, Dark MSF, Blunt blush, Sweet as cocoa blush
Eyes:UD PP, Sublime Nature paint, Shimmermoss e/s on lid, Soba e/s in inner crease, Plumage e/s on outer crease/v, Engraved e/l on water line, Queen Latifah cover girl Mascara
Lips :Bronze l/l (Just noticed I didn't fully blend l/s and liner (sorry)), Brew l/s, Fashion Pack l/g

Aww now y'all know I'll have to do a Plumage look too, right? LOL


applediva said...

Looking good. I am going to have to pull out plumage again... I do like it, but I rarely use.

Hope to see you launch your own blog VERY SOON!! Keep up the good work, slvrlips!!!

yummy411 said...

yay! more plumage love. isn't she fab diva?!?

Nikkia said...

Thanks applediva !! Yummy has been very encouraging I'll get my blog up and running soon

karen, said...

Slvrlips, I didn't recognize you without your curlers!


This look really makes your eyes *pop*. Beautiful!

yummy411 said...

yes nikkia/slvrlips... we are waiting!

@karen: funny thing is, her hair is pin curled! best time for makeup, when your hair is pulled back =)