Monday, September 03, 2007

Green Tea for the Soul and friends!

About a month ago, the Can A Sista Roc the Mic concert was held here in DC. Female artists: poets, rappers, singers, instrumentalist, everyone from all over came to represent, putting female artists on the map. This festival gave a place to women artists to show us what they're made of without competing with male artists for respect or recognition.

Of course my girl Green Tea had to put it down... and I did her makeup!

Not the best shot, but you get a sense of what was going on.

I was pleased when she requested me again for her live recording at the Artmosphere Cafe in Mt. Rainier, MD.

She added some new stuff to her lineup! In a packed house, she put it down the way she normally does, with good vibes and music for the soul! Good times and good fun!

Okay, I have to shout out most of my Pitt crew(Hail University of Pittsburgh!) that are still on the east coast. Tayo, our soon to be consulting dermatologist (okay, when we make our skincare and makeup line, you all will buy right?), Jess MPJ- Public health admin, Dale- all the way from NY for Green Tea, Mous- physical therapist and jet setter (she has to be on her third passport), Green Tea- social work is in her blood, but music is her soul, Mr. Poteat- graphic designer and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Me- Yummy411, Al- Dapperdon215- scientist, Ij- our lawyer, but her love is with the kids teaching.. and lastly our money guy, Jeen! Thanks for a great time guys =))))


Tekeah said...

I love it! your such an awesome make-up artist and talented i don't know which to pick..who says you have to choose;)
so do we come up with a name for your make consulting extrodinaire...your in high demand ya gurl! and i support you 100%!

yummy411 said...

Thank you Tek (b.k.a. Green Tea)!
I support you 100% as well, as you know!