Thursday, September 13, 2007

Foundation for Women of Color

Hey Apple Diva! Here's to you!

AppleDiva and I talk frequently about foundations for women of color. While over at the fabulous blog Scandalous Beauty, I watched a video that she found with renowned artist Eve Pearl explaining how to combat some of the typical problems women of color have: oily t-zone and needing more than just one color of foundation to make the perfect canvas. I hope I'm not giving you guys video overload. Sometimes, it's better to show you than to tell you.

Tip: Listen to Eve when she says that you can't be afraid! Easier said than done, but you won't know unless you try. When in doubt get a second opinion and you are always free to return product =)

Yummy Glam!


applediva said...

Girrrrl, I have been thinking about this all day. I am going to contact NaturalSister19 to help me match up foundation, especially around the jaw line. Thanks for the video.

yummy411 said...

pls let me know! can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Divine Blackness said...

Awesomeness! When I get some faster connection, I'm going to check out this vid. I've been ghost for 'bout 2 weeks or so. Transitioning to FL to LA has been a messss....and I still don't have good internet connection, chile. But hopefully I'll be back soon! NaturalSister19 is the junk! She knows a loooot!

Lovin' the new look and I'll be in touch soon!

P.S.---the MAC Pro store in LA is insane. And I'm goin' to NYC's in November. And then headed to DC in Feb for work. We shall talk MAC!

yummy411 said...

yay B! you are doing your thing! see ya when you get back online on the blog. feb in dc? wow you are all over!