Monday, September 17, 2007

9-15-2007 FOTD

Saturday's post didn't include one photo I took for fun:

Even though it was for fun, it sort of expressed how I was feeling about makeup at that particular moment.

I wanted to share the comments that it received:
"I love this pic!" -quite a few people
"Chucky wanna plaayy!"- a male friend
"You look mad at the AVON lady that f-ed up your lipstick shade. You shouldn't be so mad."- random dude
"Your the only person that can make a stank face look lovely"- my homegirl

I get a kick out of reading these comments! Ha!


Traci said...

I love that pink lipstick you're wearing. Love the pic too.

yummy411 said...

Hey Traci! Up the Amp is a hot color.. thank you!!

Christine said...

I like the lip color!

yummy411 said...

thank you christine! i love it too lol

karen, said...


This is my first visit to your new site. I love it! Looks great, and your pics are super cute. Can't wait to see where you take it.


yummy411 said...

thanks karen! i'm glad you like it ;)

yummy411 said...

thanks karen! i'm glad you like it ;)

Chloe said...

the lippie u used is "Up the amp"? coz i got the lippie but i find it dark :( did you put another lippie on top of it? it really looks lovely on you!

yummy411 said...

hi chloe! no other lippie used with it. thank you! if you need to, try gel or another frost type or lighter lipstick to brighten yours. such a lovely color!