Saturday, August 18, 2007

Skin MD Natural

As a busy mom that works with her hands, I'm not choosy when picking a moisturizer specifically for my hands. However, it has to instantly relieve me of my dry, crackly skin. I need instant gratification so that I may move on to my next task with smooth, silky hands; no commitments, no problems. Recently, I was able to try Skin MD Natural- a shielding lotion, that goes on the premise of locking in moisture while shielding your skin from harmful irritants and enhancing your skin's natural protecting abilities. I instantly put a reasonable amount in my palm and rubbed it all over my hands. Skin MD Natural was light, non greasy, and had no strong smell or fragrance present. However, as someone craving instant moisture and relief, Skin MD did not deliver. It made me reminiscent of my childhood, when I used little girl's beauty sets: thin lotion, plastic polish that peeled and waxy color sticks that imitated lipstick. Don't forget the pink hand-held vanity "mirror" with cloudy plastic and a warped image. I grabbed the info pamphlet to read more about the shielding lotion, as I had no experience with a shielding lotion.

"(from the website) By using a shielding lotion that bonds with the outer layer of your skin you can keep irritants out and moisture in. Because most moisturizers do not seal in the body's own moisture, they artificially lubricate the outer layers of skin. When they wear off, the lubrication is gone and the original dryness remains. Sometimes this process will draw out the body's natural moisture and contribute to the dehydration process," writes Dr. Peter Helton, a board-certified dermatologist specializing in cosmetic dermatology.

So, I'd have to give this a little time to work to see some results? It didn't soothe my dry, cracked skin instantly, but over time it will seal in moisture and improve the skin itself? Hmmm, tempting, but how will the delayed gratification work for a commitment- phobe? I can't even do the 7 day teeth whitening system without skipping out on the 5th day. I don't think this product is ideal for me as I'm the typical "get it fast and go" American. One day, when I'm ready to settle down, I'll take Skin MD Natural to the alter and invest in a better, healthier future for me and my skin. Have you tried it? How did it work for you?

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