Monday, July 30, 2007

weekend fotd's

In my makeup journey, I started out with one single shade on the lid, then two, then I upgraded to crease colors. I've been doing two crease colors, but on days where I don't have as much time, I may do one. For the crease, I would put the color there and then think 'my color is hiding in my crease.' Then, I learned to blend out of the crease, but still didn't think I was doing what I intended. To open my eye, I had been making my lid color extend to the crease and take the crease color up a notch. This is a good example of what the taking-the-crease-color-up-a-notch should look like. Then I realized that my crease color was reaching my eyebrows...take a look at my past fotds. It was okay IRL, but looking at it.....hmmmm not as happy with it. So, I tried to modify a few things, def blend out of the crease, but not too high, use my second color right at the bone (layered)... So, here are my results!

Magic dust e/s on lid
Mothbrown e/s in crease
Rule e/s layered with mothbrown, inner crease, and to line bottom lid
Loreal Voluminous mascara in Carbon black

I got super, duper, out of this world compliments on this look (by MA's and non-MA's alike!) Doesn't look that special, I know, I guess IRL and not on a cam phone.. it looked hot!

Same as above, except Rule e/s is replaced by the lighter magenta shade of the Loreal HIP duo shadows in Reckless.


Divine Blackness said...

Wooow....I love this! Do you mind typing out your application so that I can get a better idea of how to blend like that? You know....the whole step by step gig. Looks like this, in my opinion, separate people who put on make-up to people who have PERFECTED it. Imma get there one day!

And ohhh...are you locin' your hair up or are they just temporary twists? Cute either way!

yummy411 said...

of course! just for you.. stay tuned =)

Ms. Behaving said...

I'm loving what you've done to your hair!! It's hot!!

yummy411 said...

thank you ms behaving! i'm still growing with it =)