Saturday, July 21, 2007

fotd 7-21-2007

It's 8:00am on Saturday. The house is quiet, BabyYum is still sleep... what else do I do other than try on makeup?

I was very eager (DC slang "pressed") for Passionate e/s especially after I saw the Passionate and Carbon looks the MA's were wearing... here's my rendition without my MAC black clothes, red roses or silver jewelry LLOOLL

I used:
Rimmel bronze (not bronze at all)
Highlight MAC Other Wordly
Contour MAC Sunbasque
Passionate (lid)
Carbon (crease, outter corner)
Vex (highlight... just for you B! =))
Stubborn brown power point liner (top and bottom lids)
Brows- covergirl midnight brown pencil
MAC Gel l/s
MAC Up the Amp l/s
p.s. Can I tell you all how much I love Gel, Up the Amp and just the combo period??? Up the Amp is the hotness with Magenta liner! Gel is the hotness... why? Whenever you need to lighten up and intense color and you like frost but don't want the glittery sparkles that come with most frost l/s... gel is it! No more lightening with concealer etc.... okay, seriously it's my fav and I got it with B2Mac a couple of years ago... fab I tell you, fab!


applediva said...

Very nice color combo!!!

Divine Blackness said...

V...V...Vex! I loves the Vex!! What a beautiful look, sis! I've always wanted to get up on that Passionate. How similar is it to Romping? Hmm....who cares. I may get it anyway!

And your hair is make me want to cut mine that short again!


yummy411 said...

thank diva and b!

@b: passionate is nothing like romping. passionate is a pinky red, but more red than pink. romping veers closer to the pinky magenta side... definitley worth getting, but i was slightly disappointed with the cshock payoff...having to use special bases to get that deep opaque color that i see in the pan.

thefgirl said...

You have amazing skin! And love the smokey eyes. I can never get it right. By the way, you've been tagged.