Tuesday, June 05, 2007

summer summer time!

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(photo: Hotloca of LetMeUpGradeU)
Nobody does the glow better than Alicia Keys.. I am soooo jealous!
What are your secrets to a beautiful summer glow?


Karen said...

Alicia always looks so beautiful! (And its always a plus when singers can actually SING.)

For summertime I like the "less is more" approach 'cause I just end up sweating all my makeup off. I've really been into the stick highlighter made by Laura Mercier, Illuminating Stick in Golden Honey Glow. It gives a nice glow with a touch o' bronze.

AppleDiva said...

I love the Moonbathe Other Worldly for the apples of my cheeks. I also love Refined Deeper Bronze Bronzer. I think I am naturally glow-y. :-)

Anonymous said...

Tru dat! Alicia is always picture perfect. But, I would love to know what Kelly Rowland wears. She always look ooober fresh even when she is suppose to be dressed down.


Winnipeg Makeup Artist said...

Alicia looks great! I finally have my tan coming in this last weekend and now have to reorganize my look to bring in the bronze. Keep the summertime posts coming as it has finally arrived in the great white north. And about time too.