Sunday, June 03, 2007

comments 4 a cure!

Lovelies, I'm proud to be participating the the Beauty Blog Network's outreach initiative, Comments 4 a Cure! In light of a few of our members battling breast cancer, we are doing more than just blogging about cosmetics for a cure, but we are raising money ourselves!

Here's how it works: During June 4-6 all comments left on posts for those days will count towards a donation to the organization I chose: The National Breast Cancer Coalition. A dollar per comment, $50 maximum contribution. So come by to talk, discuss, even just to say hi a time or ten! We can reach 50 right???

I'm not the only blogger doing this, here are some others.. visit them too!

99 ProductsSusan G. Komen Foundation

A Girl's Gotta SpaThe American Cancer Society

Aging FabulousThe National Brain Tumor Foundation

All Lacquered UpDamon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation

Beauty & Fashion TechGynecologic Cancer Foundation

Beauty HatcherySusan G. Komen Foundation

Beautiful Makeup SearchThe National Brain Tumor Foundation

Brain SpamThe Canadian Cancer Society

Beauty Daily Susan G. Komen Foundation

GirlPaintSusan G. Komen Foundation

Life of a LadybugNational African American Cancer SurviorshipOrganization

Pretty by NatureThe National Brain Tumor Foundation

The Makeup BagSusan G. Komen Foundation

The Makeup GirlSusan G. Komen Foundation

The Product GirlChildren's Cancer Research Fund

The Perfume BeeThe National Brain Tumor Foundation

We Love BeautyThe American Cancer Society

The Beauty Blog Network has made it possible to help raise money for a cure in other ways:

*Beauty Goodie Bag Auction on Ebay / Mission Fish Auction-A giant goodie bag, overflowing with the newest and hottest beauty finds, will be auctioned off on Ebay, via Mission Fish to the American Cancer Society. The auction will start on June 10 and run for 7 days.
*Beauty Blog Members Ebay Auction-So many beauty products so little time! Several of the Network members have put together their own goodie bags full of their personal favorites and will auction them off via Ebay. Auctions will be announced.
*Coments4aCure CafePress Boutique-Network member Beautiful Makeup Search has designed a commemorative beauty button for blogs to proudly display their support. T-shirts, mugs and accessories are now on sale at her Comments4aCure boutique. Beautiful Makeup Search will donate profits from the sale of Comments4aCure gear to The Brain Tumor Foundation.


txteva said...

Commenting for a cure! :D (& blog hopping!)

an orange county girl said...

what a neat idea for a great cause!

Make-up Junkie said...

Hey Yummy 411!
Wonderful cause and I just thought I'd stop by to show my support! Do you have to be apart of the Beauty Blog Network to participate? Hope all is well!!

Heena said...


Anonymous said...

Here is to the Cure!

Anonymous said...

This is great especially just learning someone really close to be was diagnosed justa few months ago with breats cancer. Some of us never give it a second thought until it hits home. This is a very important campaign because breast cancer doesnt have a name, it doesnt even have a way of being passed around it just pops up for no known reason. For those of you who are battling with breast cancer i, and those of you who know someone with it you are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

This is a comment for the cure many wishes on a great come out on this...

Anonymous said...

This is great keep up the wonderful work.. i love to see people doing something positive!!!