Sunday, June 17, 2007

i'm c shocked!

I figured that since I spend money buying the crap, why not let the people (MA's) make up my face and see their ideas for the colors on my face? When you want them to do your face you have to spend x amount of dollars anyway... got that covered!

So here's my look, the MA Jo did =)


mac oil control lotion
mineralize satin finish
mineralize natural skin finish medium dark
studio finish concealor nw30
margin blush

concealor nc42
go bananas (inner lid)
passionate (lid)
bang on blue (crease and outter corner and under eyelid)
graphblack liner on waterline and upperlid-tightline)
claire de lune (highlight)

Sorry, I didn't touch up my lips, but I originally wore freckletone l/s, caramellow liner, and revealing lipglass.

Have you been c shocked? Give the details!


AppleDiva said...

How does the Bananas compare to Chrome Yellow? I almost got another Wondergrass, but I decided against it. I am getting better with this "problem" haha... well, I may get another Saturnal.

yummy411 said...

diva, chrome yellow is just more yellow. bananas is so frosty.. like a pastel whitish yellow.

wow you really like saturnal huh?