Thursday, May 31, 2007

mac's latest

So you've previewed the collections here.

Some of the new collections debuted online.

Now they are in stores tomorrow. The anticipation has been built for Summer releases. What do you think you'll buy? Have you previewed it in person? Any surprises? Disappointments? Comparisons?


applediva said...

I like this line. I may get an extra Saturnal. I am looking forward to RushMetal. :D Will be out sooner than expected. YAY!! I did not get any of the l/s or l/g. I only got 2 e/s. I may check out Tendertones. I have been reading some positive feedback in the product.

yummy411 said...

yes, i'm looking forward to rushmetal more than anything. you didn't get anything but 2 e/s? wow. what other e/s did you get other than saturnal? pt 1 of my haul was the two blushes, and 2 l/g- moonbathe and crescent. my pt 2 will be saturnal and firespot e/s.. firespot is the hotness! molten sol liquid last liner and maybe even claire de lune e/s. that e/s is very similar to motif, but i LOVE motif, so i'll get that too. oh and some tendertones! i didn't want any lipgloss since i can get regular gloss from the drugstore and NOT dip my fingers, but they are calling me. i think i need to check them out again. i have two new l/s that i need to add to my collection: high tea lipstick and with my b2m i got honey flower.