Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Kaylyn!

On this past Saturday, I helped my little sister celebrate her birthday. We took her to Color Me Mine for some fun arts and crafts and out to her favorite restaurant with friends. We were thinking of going to Club Libby Lu's, but what we'd pay for there, I could provide at home. So before the we took the girls out, we gave them Cheetalicious rock star makeovers!

This is my now 12 year old sister Kay. She's wearing NYC blue mascara, Styli Style blue eye liner, Milani blush in Luminous and MAC lipglass in palatial. I made the "cheetah spots" using a black liner for the shape and metallic brown eyeliner pencil to fill in the spots.

Here's Kaylyn's bff... Z
She's wearing the same products, but with Viz-a-violet pigment on her lids and a purple liner under her eyes.

Hope you had a great bday Kaylyn!


AppleDiva said...

You are super talented!! Go 'head with your bad self!

yummy411 said...

Thanks Apple! I was inspired first by some MA's I saw in a NY MAC store and then other ppl started doing it, so i figured i could try it at least on my little sister (the guinea pig) lol... to see if my materials would fit the bill. There was no way I was investing money on a couple of pots of fluidlines just for 'cheetah spot' on my face!

Heena said...

I absolutely love the make-up on the eyes! It makes her eyes look soo much bigger. Nice post!

yummy411 said...

thanks heena!