Wednesday, April 04, 2007

NYC Liquid and Pencil Eyeliners

I would see two similar cosmetic lines N.Y.C and NYX , read blogs about them and confuse them. Commenting on one, thinking or talking about the other. For the record, N.Y.C. cosmetics are sold in the drugstore and NYX cosmetics you can get in the beauty supply store. This post is about my new found love for the drugstore brand, N.Y.C.'s (New York Color) liners.

I picked up N.Y.C. liquid liners in Deep Plum and Jet Black a few months ago. MAC's Liquidlast Liner is the counter version of this product. (When MAC says that it lasts, it really lasts! It doesn't budge with regular makeup remover!) My use of the product wasn't worth the price for me. I only bought it for the beautiful color. For safer and easier to find colors like black and brown, I reserved for cheaper versions, hence my N.Y.C. purchase. For this product the price didn't matter. It's a great liner with it's own applicator built in the top. Nice, dark color. The Deep Plum is beautiful in that I get a bronzey brown, but with a bit of wine color. The perfect alternative color when you don't want stark, harsh black. The black works fab when I'm feeling the Twiggy look.
More recently, I decided to buy a pencil liner from this brand. I chose N.Y.C. because they had pretty duet pencil colors. I love a multipurpose product! The convenience of two-in-one is a winner! I opted for black and the pearly white combo. I needed to replace a basic black, easy to use, highly pigmented liner. I love combos that fit well together or alone. You can move easily from day to night with the light and dark colors or you can line the dark on the top lid and light liner on the lower lid for some spunk. Another technique for an even spicier look is to try the darker liner on the lower lid and light on the top lid. Check out my "Not So Barbie Loves MAC makeover" for a visual. A brown liner was used on my lower lid and an orange was used on my top lid. Remember to sharpen your pencil for a nice clean line or dull the point for a softer look. The liner lasted almost all day, but on an allergy sufferer it made it's way around the corners of my eyes eventually. The price point make this product baggable!
I haven't delved into N.Y.C.'s other cosmetic items, but check out the website, especially the Dare to Compare section!


Jill said...

I love NYC liquid liner. I have Benifit and MAC as well, and find NYC comparable at such a cheap price!

The browser brow set is good too. The lipsticks, not to much? Nice glosses though!

yummy411 said...

cool! thanks jill!

P said...

YES! I Looove NYC liquid liner too! I always stock up when I go visit my hometown (NYC). It's cheap and it does the job just fine.

Anonymous said...

Ok, you guys are going to have me at Walmart this evening. NYC is one of the brands I just passed on for no apprarent reason. I was afraid I'd get home and be mad as hell like I was when I tried Milani make up. Anyhoo...thanks for the tips ladies!

yummy411 said...

@p: dontcha love it! =)

@antoinette: hey sis! try it and tell us how you like it.