Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I've done a good job of avoiding most holidays, but I'm a sucker for Valentine's Day, even though I don't have a Valentine...

In light of this fact, that I am an unpaired person that loves this holiday, but starts to feel bad because all of the advertising doesn't pertain to people without a valentine, (takes a breath) I want to present an award to Bath&Body Works. Why you ask? For being the Store with the Most Over the Top Valentine's Day Decorations. As I was out, enjoying my mall walk and luckily being able to pick up the boots of my desire, I walked past B&BW. It seemed to have been bleeding at the door hinges! Red, red and some pink all over in decorations and products. That made me thoroughly disgusted! As if the the workers wanted to say, "Special holiday products that aren't for you!!! Nan nan-ee boo boo!"

Anyhoobs, here are some of the great gifts they have:

True Blue SpaSweet Escape, $16.50; C.O. Bigelow™Pampered Pet, $12.50; AromatherapySensuality Bath - Sensuality - Jasmine Vanilla, $34; Bath & Body Works Signature Collection™Bath for Two - Japanese Cherry Blossom, $98

On my wishlist I had a box of Godiva G spot chocolates. Not B&BW, but something I wanted nonetheless!

For all of the unpaired people like me, here's something just for you...!


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. Sorry for being so MIA. We have a lot of catching up to do, but for now I’ll start by checking out your blog archives. Love you, Cynthia

yummy411 said...

cynthia! great to hear from you. thanks for stopping by.. yes, book mark me as a fav and come by often. i've been thinking about you too and how my trip to NY might be delayed because I haven't gotten on your 2007calendar back in 2006! LOL I still want to come up. schedule me in busy lady!

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

Hey yummy411! I love your site and thanks for stopping by to say hello! Come back and visit anytime. Look forward to more posts from you!

yummy411 said...

thanks for stopping back.. i'm a fellow make up junkie so of course i'll be by your spot! =)