Saturday, January 20, 2007

4 Fav's Meme

I read this meme on Rural Glamour and then realized I got "tagged" lol (Hey J!)

4 jobs you've had:
*Camp Counselor

4 movies I'd watch over and over:
*Wicker Park
*The Color Purple
*Coming to America (I'm with you on this one J)

4 places I've lived apart from where I live now:
*DC (don't ask)
*Pittsburgh, PA
*Santo Domingo, DR
*On a ship!

4 TV shows I love
*(used to be) Run's House
*What Not to Wear
*Who's Wedding is it Anyway?
*Mommy Swap

4 places I've been on holiday:
*Washington DC
*North Carolina

4 websites I visit daily:
*Chevy ChaseBank
*my job's intranet site
*yummy411 =)

4 favorite foods

4 books I enjoy rereading:
I used to be a diehard reader, but rereading I have not gotten into- I will however, reread magazines again and again to make sure I haven't missed a thing. Glamour is famous for all kinds of small print.

4CD's that never leave my rotation:
(sad face) I can't keep anything in rotation, my little sister snatches all of my cd's out of my car. I guess I'll really have to break down and get the Nano I've been wanting.

4+ people I'm tagging:
*Samida of Stained Couture
*Sista Toldja of Me,Myself and Eye
*Maddie of Beauty Hobby
*juiicy of juiicyscoop
*the pop culture junkie
*Fashionista (Fashionista and Baby)

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