Friday, January 26, 2007

Metro News...

I'm a frequent Metro rider, going to and from work everyday using the MD/DC/VA public transportation. While riding, you are bound to find some funny things, quirky things, interesting, fun, and at times uncomfortable things. Some of my funniest and craziest childhood memories took place on the subway train or Metro bus. From time to time, you stop and realize that its actually the best way to get around.

Here are some Metro details that I've kept in my mind that I want to share:

I've compiled my top 3 Metro Pet Peeves-
-There's always one person sitting in close proximity with blaring head phones. Yes the little bud type that you know is leading that person's eardrums to their early grave. Dude, seriously, I don't want to listen to your music first thing in the morning!
-While at the busstop, there's always one person who wants to smoke under the shelter.... "M'aam really?! Can I breathe without the funky smoke!?"
-During rush hour, the train is cramped and there is no such thing as personal space anymore. At least we all can share common courtesy towards one another.... but, there's always one!

Makeup on the Metro-
One morning, I got out a little earlier than usual. Obviously, it was earlier for everyone else too. I didn't realize how many women do their makeup on the Metro. I looked around on my one car, and at least five women had compacts out, mascara wands, tubes of lipsticks, etc. The next time I see this, I'll take a closer look and survey the products being used, lol.

One of the best, recent additions to the Metro is the free paper that's distributed when you enter or exit the stations. I like this paper because it soothes my short attention span and will occassionally have Cosi coupons in them. Yum! Think MTV wrapped in a publication, well... minus the colorfulness, glossiness, raunchiness,.... well you get the picture, right? Short, fun, articles to get you through the train ride.

A recent article that was published is called "Beauty Breakdown." It breaks down beauty brands and products by ethnic groups. For some, it shared interesting information. For others, it was a complete insult. Check out the little storm it brewed over at Julia's spot on All About the Pretty. If you don't get the free, daily Express newspaper here is a quick, run down of some of the facts: (Then go join the discussion at All About the Pretty if you haven't already!)
*In a poll where woman were asked "Who offers products for someone like me?" Fashion Fair and MAC were chosen by Black women as their top two brands.
*Asian women chose Shiseido and MAC.
*White and Hispanic women chose CoverGirl and Maybelline.
*Overall, Bare Essentuals was the brand chosen across the board.
*Asian woman are most likely to use sunscreen and after-sun products. Also, they are likely to use bronzers. Interesting to me. Are these Asian women natives of the US, I wonder?
*Hispanic women are leaders in everyday use of mascara, blush eyeliner and lipstick.
*Black women are the most frequent wearers of lipgloss and fragrance. I think this may be true. Any black woman can profess about their (MAC) lipgloss.
*White women are the most frequent users of foundation with almost half using foundation daily.

Here's my comment that I left at Julia's:

"hey julia,you got to this post before i did *wink.when i saw the article, my first thought was "wow! i've got to share this on yummy411!"however, i wasn't taken aback by the poll results. interesting, but not surprised. they asked women "who offers products for someone like me?" and the women responded with Fashion Fair and MAC being the leading brands. Does this mean that's all we use? No, but it does tell me that the majority of black woman have a FF or MAC product in their bag (with other things).
I got my first foundation in college. To make this decision, I looked around at the counters, thinking 'if i'm going to spend my little college dollars and invest in a beauty product, where should i go?' Even though FF seemed to be a product that my grandmother may have used (i don't think she does) it seemed that it was made particularly for black woman, so they must have something going on. I didn't want to go to a counter with pictures of white women in backwooods Pittsburgh and hope they'd find a shade for me. Thus, I walked away from FF with my first foundation. have i returned? no. FF does need to step their game up to compete with other brands such as MAC. as much as i like to endulge in all types and brands of makeup, i do however like to support beauty products made for people of color. i will only buy something i think looks nice, but if these brands weren't around and only offered expensive YSL, etc. there would be a serious gripe. i love when i like a woman's makeup and she tells me she's used a product from black radiance, black opal, IMAN or HIP. Concerning the continued trend towards FF, I believe lies in brand loyalty. Like another commenter said, FF is a big brand in the caribbean and in parts of Africa. J said that in her area, there are FF counters. In my area, the Hechts turned Macy's has an FF counter first, Clinique and Lancome... that's it! The store does need to be updated, but if that's all you've known and are satisfied then that's what people will buy. Exposure is necessary, but I don't mind making the most of what's out there."
Please don't mind my caps and lowercase typing. Yummy411 is one of the few places that I actually capitalize properly.. at least most of the time, lol.

What do you think?


rebelleBAP said...

Hey kia... great pics of you in the swirling diamond!! You look like my girlfriend Wanda. She has your same complexion with hazel eyes!!

yummy411 said...

Thanks J!