Wednesday, January 03, 2007



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Heather said...

actual imposters bought at cvs aka forever, smells just like eternity------do not!!

inexpensive fragrances that share the same main notes as your fav perfume w/o the complex under notes and packaging aka laurence dumont vanille chocolat for thierry mugler angel, a definite do!!

best perfume tip ever - read through the notes of your favorite perfumes to find similarites, then look for fragrances with just those few notes. If you like vanilla check out all of laurence dumonts scents, they are $23 at sephora

yummy411 said...


yummy411 said...

i wanted to add that i don't know if i would agree completely. i was in the drugstore and saw the imposters which they had one for armani code. i didn't care for armani code when i first sniffed it, but this imposter one makes me want to run out and buy the stuff in the pretty bottle! i always wanted to like the scent since the bottle was so sleek.

yummy411 said...

on another note, i do take a look at the notes in my favorite scents and compare that to notes of other new scents on the market. if they are too close, i won't buy the new scent (i already have a version!.) there are exceptions to this of course.

the armani code imposter came with a britney spears curious imposter... (can you believe it? a combo deal, lol) glad i never bought the real deal of that!

rebelleBAP said...

Yummy...I'm a "do"

I'm a chica on a serious budget.Sometimes I'm able to splurge but most of the time I can't. So what I do is go and smell and get a sample card of the "real"scent or trust my instincts(I have a good sense of smell). Then I troll MUA's perfume and bath and body message boards for ideas and ratings on etailer dupes like Suds and Light,Bissy's Boutique,The Body Perfumery. They make amazing dupes. There is also a store in my hometown that sells this brand called Dorall Collection Perfumes that sells dupes of the popular scents. I got last week JuicyCouture (they call it Jazzy,lol!) and it smells EXACTLY like Juicy. And I know because I remember how it smelled. Sometimes you got to MAKE IT work!

Anonymous said...

If it smells good, why not? There are expensive perfumes that stink.


yummy411 said...

nay-nay.. i agree with you =)thanks for being a reader! i love your comments.